30 Dec 2014

Disney Vacation Chain Countdown

Guru Leeanne is here today to share her extra special countdown magic tip with you! Contact Leeanne at leeanne@thewdwguru.com or 877-825-6146 ext. 717 for more planning information. 

There are so many fun things you can do with your family in the time before you go on your Disney trip to get them excited and looking forward to the upcoming trip. Even if it is MONTHS away!!!

I thought it would be great to make a “Disney Countdown Chain”. All you will need is construction paper, Disney stickers, a black sharpie & silver sharpie marker, ruler, scissors, and tape. We chose to make our chain with various colors and patterns of construction paper.

Items for paper chain 4 Items for paper chain 5


Start by pulling out a sheet of each color of construction paper that you want to use. Stack the sheets in the order that you want to put the colors together for the chain. Use the ruler to draw lines across the colored and patterned papers. After all of the lines have been drawn, use the black sharpie to number each line. Start with number 1 on the top color, then write number 2 on the second color, number 3 on the 3rd color, and so on. When you get all the way through the colors, go back to the front sheet and start numbering again. For instance, I started with the number 1 and went all the way to number 177 (because we had 177 days before our trip to Disney). You can do a super long chain or a smaller chain. It just depends on your preference.

Then have everyone sit on the floor or around a table with all of the supplies. Start by cutting out the numbered strips of construction paper apart, and put the strips in numerical order. Then, make a circle with the strip that has the number 1 on it. Use tape to hold the circle together, and also put a Disney sticker on the link. Take the strip with #2 on it and make a circle with it, but connect it to link #1 and also put a Disney sticker on it. Continue this process until the chain is complete. Let them all take turns cutting the strips of construction paper out, picking different stickers to put on each chain link, and taping the chain together.

Be sure to alternate colors so that there is always a different color beside another color. However, If you end up with two of the same colored links beside each other, no worries. It is just a lot of fun to put the chain together and talk about what you are going to be doing when you go on your Disney trip.

***Important notes, you can use as few colors or as many colors as you want. You also can have the children use crayons and draw pictures on the strips before they are made into links instead of using Disney stickers. You can write the names of different Disney Characters, different rides, different attractions, different Disney movies, etc. on the strips if you want to add variation.***

Once the chain is completed, hang it up in the house. Each day, remove a link from the chain (Start at the highest number and go down to the smallest). Once you get to the end of the chain, the next day you will be on your magical Disney Vacation.

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Contact Leeanne today to begin planning at leeanne@thewdwguru.com or you can call her at 877-825-6146 ext 717. 

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