24 Aug 2015

Guru Tips – Save on the Souvenirs

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Have you ever wondered how you can keep the kids from asking to purchase every souvenir that they see while at Disney? I have a fun tip for you! You will want to start preparing early with this project.

While you are at home, (secretly) make construction paper Mickey Mouse ears in all colors. Make enough so that you have 1 per child for each night that you are staying at Disney. For example, if you have 2 children and are staying for 7 nights, make 14 Mickey Mouse ears. Put the ears aside for a later date.

When you are out shopping by yourself, go to the $1 isle at Target or Walmart. Look for inexpensive fun items that your children would like that are Disney related. It doesn’t have to be at Target or Walmart; it can be anywhere you like to shop. You can even go to the party decoration section of a store and find Disney bracelets, pencils, whistles, bubbles, chap sticks with the characters on them, barrettes, jewelry, bows, swim trunks, treat bags, etc. Purchase a few items every so often when you visit the store. Maybe on one visit you could purchase a Disney activity book and a small pack of crayons. Then on another visit you could purchase a Disney t-shirt or a pair of socks with Disney characters on them (absolutely anything that is Disney related that you think your children would love). Hint…….since you are looking in areas other than at Disney World, you will be able to get several items at a less expensive price. Just be careful, because you can end up overspending if you are not careful since the items are affordable. Be sure that you have purchased enough items for every day that you are there. I even like to get toothpaste, toothbrushes, band aides, body wash, and gummy vitamins with the characters on them. The kids simply love them. However, it is very important that you do this secretly. Once you have purchased the items, then even more fun begins.

Remember the Mickey Mouse ears that you made? You are going to want to get them out. Separate the gift items that you have purchased into a group for each day. I always like to start with autograph books & pens and the new toothbrushes & tooth pastes along with the vitamins and body washes in the first group. Then, I usually do the Disney shirts & swim trunks or swimsuits in the second group (Maybe even Disney sunglasses). Those are usually the most expensive items that I purchase, but they will last for a long time. You will want to continue separating the items in groups. Maybe crayons and activity books for the next day. Hair Accessories or children’s jewelry for the next day, and so on. Each group will be for a different day. Remember, it does not have to be a ton of things or expensive items. After you have separated all of the items into different days for each child, then grab your construction paper Mickey Mouse ears. You will want to have a set of ears for each child for each day. Be sure to list the name of the child on the very top of the ears and then write a small message from a character about the gift that is being left. That way, the child thinks the gifts are coming from the characters and not mom & dad. For example: Dear Maddie, Welcome to Disney World……Your Pal, Mickey Mouse.
What you can do is leave the gifts & Mickey Mouse ear notes out for each child after they have went to sleep so that they find them the next morning. Or……you can have the rest of the family head on out of the room each morning and tell them you have to grab something and you will catch up to them in just a minute. Guess what you will really be doing……leaving the gifts out for the kids to find when you arrive back at the room. Feel free to switch it up to, do morning one day and when they are in bed the next.
It is so fun to see the expressions on their faces when they find different gifts from different characters each day. Then they are curious as to how the characters get in the room to leave the treats. I always tell them that they use pixie dust or that they have a very SPECIAL MAGIC BAND which is full of lots of magic that allows them to enter the rooms. I then let the kids use their Mickey Ear notes as a room decoration. They either stuck them on the window or they told me where they wanted me to put it for them. On the last night of your trip, be sure to take all of the notes down and keep them in a scrap book.
I truly believe that by doing this, it has helped tremendously on what the kids ask to purchase while in the parks. They literally do not ask for much. I usually tell them at the beginning of the trip that they will want to look at everything before deciding on what to get because once their allotted money to spend is gone, then we have no more to spend. They usually look all week at different items and then pick out a couple of things at the end of the trip. Try it out and see what happens.
I would love to help you plan your magical vacation. My contact information is on the header, or just click on this button and make sure to request me! Thanks so much.
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