28 Jul 2015

Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth It?

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

September and October are both popular months to travel to Walt Disney World.  Between the allure of small crowds, the tantalizing tastes of Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, and the major child-like appeal of dressing up for Halloween at Disney, you should add these two months to your Disney bucket list.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is an event held at the Magic Kingdom on select nights throughout September and October. It is a special ticket event, and tickets should be purchased ahead of time. But is it worth paying for another ticket on top of the park tickets you have already?

In a word? Absolutely. Whether you have children in tow, or just a night out with the adults in the group, it is absolutely a must-do for anyone who loves Halloween. I  have personally been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party more times than I can count both with my family and without.

The party offers unique character meet & greets (Flynn Rider, Tarzan & Jane, The Genie & Abu, Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington & Sally, all 7 Dwarves, and more!), trick or treating through out the park (open to anyone- and they certainly do not skimp on candy!), special photo spots featuring the ghosts of Haunted Mansion, limited edition merchandise, a special Villains show with the villains coming out to do meet & greets after, an amazing parade, and finally, a special Halloween themed fireworks display.

The party starts at 7, and all non-party guests are ushered out the gates, leaving you to enjoy the party. However, you can begin entering the gates with a MNSSHP ticket as early as 4pm on the day of the party- this allows you to get some fun in, eat an early dinner, and be ready to go when the festivities begin.

Rides are up and running through out the night, and the lines are usually quite short due to the many other activities going through out the park. Each night, the parade runs twice- it is not to be missed, it’s simply amazing. However, people line up early for a spot, so find a place early if you want to be right up close to the parade.

Many characters have long lines, the more rare, the longer the line. Jack Skellington & Sally were new additions in 2013, and commanded lines that were several hours long. I don’t know how long, because that was one line I skipped! Jack Sparrow is a regular, and he is a must meet for pirate fans.

Kids and adults are allowed to dress up, be please be aware that family friendly costumes are encouraged, and costumes considered too risqué are turned away at the gates. The evening is always amazing, but please be aware that it can be overwhelming for some children, between the costumes, the Halloween lighting, the candy, and more. Take your time, plan ahead if you wish to meet characters, and go with the flow.

Prices & Dates are usually announced usually in May, but past years have shown Tuesday’s & Fridays from the 2nd week to the 4th week in September, then Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday through to Halloween, with the final party being held around November 1st. The closer to Halloween the party is, the more packed it gets, with Halloween night selling out months ahead of time. Friday parties also tend to be more busy, as local families visit on Fridays.

The party ends at Midnight, so prepare for the big night by sleeping in, relaxing at the resort, and taking a nap before heading out!

And one last word of advice- the party is long, and you will be on your feet. While shoes that match your costume may be cute, keep comfort in mind!

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