Magical Downloads – Mousekeeping Envelopes

Walt Disney World FREE Quote

The Housekeeping staff (aka Mousekeeping) at Walt Disney World do a great job keeping your room in order, cleaning up after you and maybe even leaving a magical touch or two! Say thank you with a Mousekeeping Tip. Just a few dollars goes a long way in showing your appreciation. If someone asks, we usually recommend a $1 a day per person, rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. For example a family of four, tip $5 a day.

We suggest that you leave a Mousekeeping envelope for the staff every day of your tip as you never know if you will have the same person from day to day.These fit perfectly on a #10 business envelope. Just download and print!Mousekeeping Mickey Icon Mousekeeping Magical Stars Mousekeeping Balloons Mousekeeping Mickey


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