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Let’s face it, the rows and rows of strollers outside the rides at Walt Disney World are daunting – they all look the same! Let’s make yours stand out with a special personalize tag that identify your family stroller.We have made this real easy for you to personalize at home using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Here you go:

  • Start with a new Word document and set the page for landscape orientation.
  • Download the sample tag without the family name.
  • Insert the artwork as a photo – it should be 8 inches wide.
  • Draw a plain text box, then make sure that you have no file and the shape outline is set for no line.
  • Type in the last name of your family like our sample. Impact font works great because it it clean, crisp and easy to see from a distance.
  • Print!
  • We recommend laminating it so that it it more durable in the Florida heat and humidity. I just purchase sheet laminate from the office supply store, or you can take it to your office supply store and have it printed and laminated at a great price. I do one tag each day and slide them in my day bag along extra ties.
  • Punch two holes (like on a license plate) and grab some small zip ties, yarn, string, ribbon or whatever you have to attach to your stroller.

Just download and personalize for your family.

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