Magical Downloads – Vacation Countdown Ideas

Everyone loves to countdown to your vacation. It’s add so much excitement to the planning. Here are a few ideas that might help you, direct from our Gurus!

  • Guru Beth shares these fun family ideas.
  • Guru Leeanne
    If you happen to have an old memory board (or some people like to call it a peg board), you can have various trivia questions about Disney written on the back of different colored Mickey Mouse cut outs (Number each Mickey Mouse on the front).  Questions such as, “What park can Splash Mountain be found in?”; “Who does the Beast love?”
    Line the board with the Mickey Mouse heads that are numbered counting down.  Each day, a Mickey Mouse head is taken off of the board and the question is read aloud to the family.  Whomever gets the answer correct gets to take the next Mickey Mouse head off the board and read the question to the family on the following day.  Keep repeating this process each day until you get to one Mickey Mouse head left on the board…….on the back of this Mickey Mouse head, write this question, “Who will be leaving for a Disney trip tomorrow?”
  • You can also decorate a mason jar and fill it with marbles, candies, or pennies (you can use those to press while in the parks) and remove one each day. Store pennies in a mini m&m tube when you remove them so you can take them with you in the parks. You can also buy wooden cubes and cover each side with Disney paper and put numbers on a Mickey icon on each side (like dice). How about an advent type countdown (cover the front of a mini cupcake tin with Mickey icons).
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