A Stroll Down Sensory Lane at Disney








When Kelly proposed an adventure of our senses through Disney it brought to mind a couple multi-sensory attractions Disney offers- It’s Tough to be a Bug! and Soarin’. When she said she wanted something more along the lines of how Disney plays to our senses personally a few other things came to mind…


Sorry, but they’re a bit random 🙂


I imagine for many people when they think of the “smell of Disney” the lingering smells of Main Street find a way tickle their noses no matter where they are. Sweet treats from the Main Street Confectionery, hot eats from Casey’s Corner, delicious baked goods from the Main Street Bakery to name a few… Those are all wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I live in a house with a man who enjoys cooking… and baking! Who needs candles when there’s always something cookin’ in the kitchen? Again, I love the delicious smells of Disney, but they just aren’t as special when I’m spoiled to those yummy olfactory pleasures. A distinct Disney smell for me? The water. Not just any water… not the tap water, not the water at the pools, not the smell of the water as you take one of the Ferry or Friendship boats from one place to another (although that’s pretty heavenly, too)… What other water could I possibly be thinking about? Imagine your walking into Pirates of the Caribbean, aside from the dim light, what’s the first thing that hits you as you make your way deeper into the building… the smell of that water! Yes, it’s chlorinated, but not necessarily that over-chlorinated, eye-burning, public pool kind of chlorination. It’s a refreshing odor and one I look forward to. You can also be treated to this distinctive smell in it’s a small world. Anyone else know that smell? What other attractions offer it?


Uh oh. Did the mention of that dear little ride spark anything for you? A sound maybe… a catching little ditty… oh, you know I’m going to break it out now; I have to. cough cough, la la la, do re mi… Ahem. It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world. Encore? Oh, well if you insist… It’s a small… I kid, I kid… To most, that’s not necessarily music to one’s ears, and I’m not just talking about my singing either! This song has always held a special place in my heart. When I was a kid, I wanted a nice watch, a watch with a leather band, not one of those plastic numbers with the face that would pop off. I wanted a Mickey Mouse watch where in place of each of the numbers were flags from various countries and when you hit the little button on the side a very special tune would play. I remember seeing it at Service Merchandise, and a short time later receiving that very watch from Mama. It was my most prized possession… After lots of use though… one of the bands popped off. Mama stuck it up on a shelf to have it fixed and to be honest, I’m not really sure what ever happened to it. Aww… kind of gets me down now that I think about it. Ah, I digress, back to the point, which was that I’ve always liked “it’s a small world”. But on my most recent trip, the song brought me a whole new joy. Someone else in our party took a particular fancy to it- Bubby. Bubby thought the tune quite catchy and has been singing the chorus just about every day since we’ve been home. To some, that may be annoying, but to hear my two year old sing (sometimes at the top of his lungs) the words to such a classic (and sometimes with the help of his stick-pony turned guitar, or in the case of the photo below- his fan turned guitar) simply brings happiness to my heart. It’s a Disney gift that keeps on giving!



Wow… getting a little carried away, aren’t I? See what a stroll down sensory lane in Disney can do? I’ll try to wrap the rest up quickly…


I have yet to experience all the tastes of Disney. It’s probably a better assertion to say that I’ve barely experienced any of the tastes of Disney in comparison to all the possibilities. Most of what I have had has been delicious, but one thing truly sticks out when thinking of my favorite taste at Disney… of course it comes in form of dessert- the S’mores at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. It would be worth it to me to simply walk in to the Tune-In Lounge, grab a stool at the bar, and order a plate of this gooey deliciousness! As a matter of fact, you can just go ahead and put that on my list for our next trip! Take a look. Would it be worth a trip for you?



As for sights, well, all the sights at Disney are visually appealing… I mean everything. They even make toilet paper advertisements look good!



My favorite sights at Disney though? I love the subtle surprises, one in particular- DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. On a not so crowded day she can sneak out and get into place, meshing into the foliage of the walkway from Africa to Asia. Many are in a hurry to get from Kilimanjaro Safaris on to Expedition Everest and will pay her no mind, because they didn’t even see her. Once one person spots her though, a crowd quickly grows. She is a sight to be seen though! She moves on those stilts, all painted and covered in vines, with such grace and poise. Be sure to move a bit more slowly on your next trip, and pay attention to everything… you never know what might be hiding in the bushes 🙂

As for touch, well, this one’s just silly. A feeling that brings me great joy (I giggle just thinking about it)… the vibration of my arm as I slide a spoon along the ridges of a washboard at Hoop Dee Doo Revue! Where else can you get that sensation? I mean, really? That feeling, as tickly (if that’s even a word) as it is, is more than just a feeling in my arm; it’s a feeling in my heart. It means I’m having a wonderful time with those around me, laughing and smiling and acting silly… silly enough to be making music with household objects (well, maybe not objects of today’s household) as if I were a child once again! What a feeling indeed!



There you have it, my sensor-ific memories of Disney! It’s those blessed treats to the senses that I look forward to experiencing upon my return. I hope you made it all the way thru with me, lol. And I hope you can get the lovely little song out of your head soon 🙂 Have a great day!


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  • You brought back lots of sensory memories for me!
    I also love the smell of the water on the water rides. My first sense memory always happens when stepping outside for the first time at the airport and there is that slightly swampy, humid smell that tells me I am close to WDW!

    The smell of sweets when walking past the candy store on Main Street is another good one. Or the smell of waffle cones at Ghirardelli’s at DTD. I can’t even eat waffle cones but love that distinct smell.

    For taste, I love to try to get over to Beaches & Cream for a Frozen Sunshine milkshake. Tastes somewhere between fizzy orang soda and a creamsicle!

    I love seeing DiVine, I especially get a kick out of standing back and watching other people ‘notice’ her. I did see her shock the heck out of a guy once, he was walking past with his family and he was CRABBY, she reached out one of her long arms and caught the brim of his baseball hat and knocked it off. The expression on his face when he realized who had done it, priceless. He seemed less crabby afterwards.

    I like the vibration of my wheelie suitcase while walking into the lobby of Pop Century! Always feels like Yahoo, I made it.

  • Aww, Gaylin, I’m so glad! Those are some great sensor treasures, too! The DiVine story is great! And I’ll have to add a trip to Beaches & Cream to our next visit! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Gaylin you hit the nail on the head here with what was trying to accomplish with this segment. There are just some things at Disney that tap into our senses and we cannot deny the magical feelings that they bring. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your stories with us!!

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  • I loved this post and it inspired me to write one of my own. If you would like to read it check it out here http://wp.me/p1zWmq-8A. I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work.


  • I loved your post as well, Garland! I believe that’s exactly the reaction Kelly was going for when she asked us to write on this topic. So glad you enjoyed it!

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