Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure


Yesterday I spoke about how I spend so much time convincing families NOT to skip EPCOT when they visit Walt Disney World. There really is a ton of fun to be had.

Recently my family thoroughly enjoyed Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. In fact, we did this on visit prior to this last visit and it was the number one thing on our list of things to do at Epcot. My kids absolutely LOVE it! We spent 3 days of our 9 day trip at Epcot and we spent half a day on Agent P.

Playing the game is free but it does require sign-up and valid proof of park admission. You will see the sign-up kiosk just before you enter World Showcase on your left hand side.

Disney 2014 351

This adventure allows you to become a secret agent. You are equipped with a cell phone that gives you directions about your mission. Missions are set up at 7 of the World Showcase pavilions, once you arrive at your chosen pavilion the screen and audio will provide a series of clues to help you solve the mission.

In a nutshell, you get to be a secret agent and fight the bad-guy. One thing my kids love is the special effects and clues that you gather. Each mission takes about 30 minutes and you are not bound to do all 7.

It was really neat to see my kids work together to solve the case!

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