05 Jan 2017

Long Flight? No problem! Bring these airplane necessities!

Long Flight? No problem! Bring these airplane necessities!

Long Flight? No problem! Bring these airplane necessities!

Even if you are not traveling with children, you should have things with you to keep you occupied during your flight. I fly multiple times a year and there are certain things this Guru cannot go without. Here’ my list!

Binder Clip-You may be wondering what on Earth you could use this for? With small spaces on the plane and all of the electronic cords, it can be tough to locate what you need in your bag, leaving a tangled mess! Use a binder clip to keep cords neat and easy to access when needed.

Binder Clip

Slipper Socks-These are a MUST! I always have two pair, one for the plane and one for the resort. I need to take my shoes off on the plane because with having ankle surgery, my feet get swollen. Slipper socks allow my feel to relax and feel cozy! I find these especially useful on longer flights. The pair shown retail for $2.97 at WalMart.

Slipper Socks

Luggage Spotter-Don’t feel bad, we all have a black piece of luggage, how original! Add ribbon to your luggage handle to make it easy to locate your piece as it exits the plane.

Water bottle- I can do an entire article on how important it is to stay hydrated when you fly but I will save you on that, it’s important. Bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it once you are through. Try to drink at least two bottles before you get on and one in flight. This will keep your body hydrated, and yeah, you will need to visit the lavatory!

Suckers-Suckers can help combat earaches on the plane . Be a superhero and pack them for small children. For me, I like to have lifesaver mints.

Earbuds-I cannot tell you how crabby I am when I forget my earbuds! Believe me, until you forget them, you have no idea how much you will miss them, trust me!

Small Portable Battery Charger-Flight terminals are a place for vultures! In that, I mean, there is one plug and everyone wants it. Save yourself the hassle, spend $10 and get a portable charger. I use one similar to this. 

Fun Printable Coloring Sheets-Yes, adults like to color too! And we’ve created one for you so all you need to do is hit print! Click here to access our free printable activity book for flying.

Hand Sanitizer-You will need it, trust me!

Wipes-I like to wipe down my seat and tray before I sit down, this eliminates germs and can be done very quickly without anyone noticing.

Snack-Unless you are on Southwest, you can kiss snacks goodbye. Pack yourself some munchies even if you think you won’t use it…you will want it when you see what you seatmate has.

Large Scarf/Cardigan- Many people like a travel pillow but I opt for a scarf or cardigan. Airplanes can be very cold, making your flight miserable.

There you have it! My list of essential flying items. Do you have anything to add to the list?

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