All Aboard: Disney Cruise Line


Welcome Back! Now that we have boarded the ship, taken in the Welcome Aboard buffet, done the mandatory safety drill, decorated our door and set sail, it’s time to check out our stateroom!

Every time my husband and I cruise, we always choose the inside cabin. These run approximately 184 square feet, sleep 3 to 4 people and are really comfortable in size but are the smallest of accommodations on board. Disney Cruise Line does offer several other accommodations such as ocean view and balcony staterooms for those of you that would like large living space. I think that having one of the ocean view rooms takes away from the magic of going to deck 10, seeing the view, and sitting in a lounge chair, sipping on a Konk Kooler . We are only there to sleep and for us, the inside cabins work perfectly. The bathrooms are small in size but are perfect for the basic bathroom essentials that you need it for. Here is the floor plan for a standard room.


At the end of the every night, you will find what DCL calls a Personal Navigator on your bed. This is known as your Disney Bible at sea. You need this! It will have everything from show times, to onboard activities, the dinner attire for that day, and also your next port of call with tips, maps and information about the island you will visit. These are also really neat keepsakes after your cruise is over. It’s always fun to look back and remember the magic at sea.



Also on your bed every evening, you will find DCL’s famous towel animals! I love these! I look forward to going back to our room every night just to see what they left. I was also told that we are able to take them home :0) so some of them I do still have. It is the perfect reminder of the perfect vacation. You will also find your bed turned down with Disney chocolate’s spread all about. The Disney touches that they put into every day on board truly makes it worth it. They always go out of their way to put a bit of Disney into everything and it truly shows.


While getting situated into your stateroom the first day on board, you will be met by your “mousekeeper”! These are some of the most amazing cast members we have ever met. They will come to your room and introduce themselves. By the end of your trip, they will be more like your family then your mousekeeper. Believe me, saying goodbye will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. You create such a special bond with every one of the staff members on DCL… It is truly magic.

There is one friendship that my husband made on our very first Disney Cruise that has stayed with him over the years. He talks about Henry from time to time; how much he misses his smile and big eyes and that he can’t wait to see him again. Every time my husband saw Henry in the hallway, he would yell out “Hi Henry”! It was so funny. Did I take a picture of my husband’s dear friend… of course! Here he is. I give you, Henry!

With all of the magic and impeccable service that Disney puts into their accommodations standards, one can not help but feel like their living a dream. From the turn down service to the nostalgic feel in the linens, furniture and wall décor, you are truly stepping onto the most elaborate and magical cruise line at sea. Stay tuned next week as we enjoy some of the best dining and entertainment afloat.


If you’re enjoying our trip on Disney Cruise Line so far and want more information or are ready to book a Disney Cruise, Contact Kelly at for all your Disney travel needs! Don’t forget that Disney Guru travel is currently offering a $25 Disney Gift card to all new bookings!!


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