Back to School – Think Spring Break

Cyndy Guest Blogger


For many families, this week means it’s back to school time. Parents around the United States are cheering!
Although we may not want summer to end, most relish the more structured schedule that the school year brings.

For those who do not want summer to end, let’s talk Spring Break. I was working on a spring break package for a group of families the other day and was surprised how many things are booking up. People are planning earlier and earlier for their big spring trip. I always advise people that when school starts, it’s time to start thinking about school breaks. Do you have travel plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, President’s Weekend, or Spring Break? If you are interested in traveling any of these times of year, it’s time to hop on it!

Here are some ideas to think about:

  • When school is out of session during these holiday breaks, the resorts fill up quickly. If crowds aren’t your thing then consider traveling at different times of year.
  • Be aware that some resorts have premium charges during these peak times.
  • Many resorts offer some sort of educational programming as a part of their kids programs. So if you are pulling your kids from school, there are still opportunities to learn – just in different ways.

If you are ready to book your Spring Break or holiday trip, contact me and I’ll be happy to find that perfect vacation for you.

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