15 Jun 2016

How Beaches Negril Became My Family Travel Destination

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I just got back from touring the Island of Jamaica with Sandals and Beaches Resorts. I do this several times a year in order to stay current on the best family beach vacations for our Guru Travel Clients. While Sandals Resorts is well known for their luxury couples vacations, did you know that Sandals has 3 family beach resort options as well? That’s right! They’ve taken the luxury included option and extended it so that your entire family can join in on creating magical tropical memories together.

One of the first things families want is an all-inclusive option. Why? Families today value spending extra for the luxury but they like to know that everything is covered and families do not like financial surprises. Beaches Resorts come in on top when it comes time to inclusions. Imagine, your family of 5 waking up in the morning and wants to go snorkeling….sounds magical, right? But wait, how much more is that going to cost you? At Beaches Resorts, nothing! And let’s just imagine you snorkeled and your kids want to do it all day everyday, what’s that going to cost you? NOTHING! Power boating….no problem..the cost to you=NOTHING! I could go on and on about this but everything truly is included.

So you may be wondering, Why Beaches Negril?

On my visit to Beaches Negril I immediately knew that it would be the location for my next family all-inclusive vacation. The 7-mile beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world and Beaches Negril is located on the widest stretch of it. When I hit the beach, I want to chill and Beaches Negril is the place to do it.

I absolutely LOVE the various room category choices. You have a choice of 13 categories to fit your needs. Why are the 13 categories a great option for families? PRICE! We are able to get you as much or as little as you need in accommodations fitting your family beach vacation exactly to your budget and need.

Now let’s talk food!! 

Food is a huge draw for my family as we love to eat and we love to try new things even more. With 9 gourmet restaurants on property you will have a plethora pf options. One location that stuck out for me is Kimonos Oriental Cuisine. This Teppanyaki cooking style gourmet dining experience is not only food but an experience. The staff at this location truly know how to turn your dining into entertainment. The chef sings and dances as he cooks! It does not stop with the music, our chef juggled utensils, flipped a shrimp tail into their shirt pocket, or catching a shitake mushroom in their hat. Children and adults will adore this dining. And like everything else, the cost to you=NOTHING!

Parents don’t worry about your morning or afternoon need for specialty coffee because Cafe de Paris has you covered between the hours of 6:30 am and 10:30 pm. On most mornings, there is a cool breeze in the air, making enjoying a macadamia, amaretto, hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry hot or chilled latte all the more sweeter. Well into the afternoon, delighting in chocolate cream puffs, crème brûlée tarts, cake, cookies and more, is enchanting. And, as the sun lowers in the sky and the air cools again, indulging in a warm crêpe with the topping of your choice is magical. What’s the cost to you? NOTHING it’s included!

For a complete list of dining locations contact your Guru Travel Professional.  

Aquatics are very important to my family which is why I am places Beaches Negril at the top of my list for traveling with my family of 5 in 2017. There are 3 pool with 2 swim-up bars. Everything at Beaches Negril has been designed with water in mind and all come with an absolutely stunning view of the ocean! Not only are the pools amazing but there are 2 huge waterslides and a lazy river as well.

Now let’s talk kids programs. It is no secret that my family LOVES to cruise with Disney..there are so many reasons why but my kids love the programming and so do we. ;0) There are 6 amazing kids programs at Beaches Negril. Kids will never be bored because Beaches offers incredible and I mean incredible activities for kids of all ages-infants, tots and tweens. Teens have their own spaces so that they can do whatever they want. A couple of  features I love is the Scratch DJ Academy, Tuck in Service for your little ones by a Sesame Street Character and the XBOX Play Lounge.

I find this property to be ideal for families looking to chill on a beach. The atmosphere is beach casual with the luxury twist. The days are spent by the beach, or pool with a mojito in hand while the kids order a smoothie poolside. With the unlimited watersports you won’t have to worry about planning out your days or budgeting for the extras, because it’s all included.

We would love to chat more with you about how Beaches Negril can help you and your family disconnect from all of the care in the world and reconnect with your family. Call us today at 877-825-6146 or email us at letstravel@thewdwguru.com.. You can also click below to request a free trip proposal. 

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