Before the magic- Countdown to fun by Lori Fries


We are super excited to have Lori Fries guest posting right here on WDW Guru! You are really going to enjoy this countdown post!! You know what we say, “Planning is when the magic begins!”

Each trip to the Disney Parks gives our family a chance to look forward to the magic. That includes all of the things we do to plan ahead. Holiday decorations, activities like making MouseKeeping tip envelopes, matching t-shirts and one of my favorite things our physical Disney countdown.

Countdowns are very exciting with us. …We look beyond decking the halls with paper ornaments.

I’m going to share with you how to make your own “Disneyfied” countdown as well as give you a few ideas of activities that go along with them.

I hang my countdowns in a place of honor on the door leading in and out of our garage. That way each night we can see how many days we have until Disney.

There is no limit to what creative things you can come up with. Each trip offers new opportunities to be creative. Think about who is joining you and what kind of countdown will be the best one to make. I also like to think about the theme of the trip. If you are going during Food and Wine festival why not make Duffy in a chef hat, or if you will be in the Parks to celebrate a Birthday or other milestone incorporate that into your tangible countdown. I like to use felt the best. When you add Velcro to the back of your numbers they are easy to reuse. I have also used chalkboards, and small gifts as a countdown.

Have a fun Disney themed idea that you can do as a family to get excited for the trip. The ideas can be placed behind some of the numbers or in a decorated container. Here are some ideas that you can use (or adjust to fit your family’s needs):

A Big fork and spoon cover the 180 day mark and the entire house knows that we can book our advanced dining reservations on that day. I like to make a Disney recipe to enjoy that night.

We like to place Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians when we have 101 days to go. I make polka dot food and we wear polka dot clothes.

When 95 days rolls around you will find Lightening Mcqueen gracing our countdown.

For day 53 Herbie the love bug is there. Add some valentine activities if you want. It is always a good time to tell people in your life that you love them. <3

We find Nemo and friends on day 42 (P.Sherman 42 Wallaby way) Just keep swimming your trip is getting closer.

On day 28 write a letter to your favorite Disney Character to let them know you’re coming. Mickey and Minnie were introduced in 1928 and when making week-long countdowns, 28 numbers fit very well.

Fun surrounds Day 7 (dwarfs) With a week to go it is nice to give little ones a craft or two so you can pack. Help others remember the names of the dwarfs with coaching that there are 2 “D’s” Dopey and Doc, 2 “S’s” Sleepy and Sneezy and 3 emotions Bashful, Grumpy and Happy!

When there are only 3 days to go add caballeros, (or Pigs )Find the movie and enjoy it together. Maybe make Mexican food and plan which day you will visit Epcot.

 Every Disney fan knows with one night left you are too excited to sleep. Try a night of Disney Soft tunes and lullabies!

A huge part of the fun of a vacation is in the anticipation. If you pick Princesses or the fab five you cannot go wrong with anything that suggests Disney.