Disney Decor at My House – The Trees

WARNING – Lots of photos coming your way!  WARNING – while I have a decent collection of Disney Decor, I am no interior design star that makes it look like a magazine photo shoot.  I just put stuff out that I love!

Christmas is coming and in my house, decoration begins the day after Thanksgiving.  I have four trees to decorate each year.

Prior to 2010, I was putting up a 12 foot artificial tree branch by branch, running 7 strands of lights through and then ornamenting.  Since 2010, we replaced the 12 footer with a 12 foot, pre lit tree that comes in 5 sections.  I AM IN LOVE! This tree goes up in 10 minutes and then I can spend time putting up my ornaments.

Tree number 2 started going up in 2007.  It used to be our main tree that Hubby had from college.  It too is artificial but a 6 foot, branch by branch, 4 strands of lights.  This tree has become my Disney tree.  This year Kate counted over 70 ornaments on it.  They are all Disney ornaments.  I have a couple of neat ones I would love to share with you.

This is maybe the only collection style ornament I insist upon.  In 2005, I ordered this one from Disney store and have done so every year since.

There wasn’t one for 2009 so I had to purchase a blank one and fill in the year.  I will have to do the same this year because there is no 2011 in this style.

I hate paying so much for an ornament.  When Hallmark had this one I lamented that I couldn’t do the $22 price tag for it.  Mother in Law to the rescue.  It plays It’s a Small World and rotates!  I LOVE THIS ONE!

This one is just cool!  Cinderella’s Castle is one of my favorite icons in WDW so I love it already.  It has the hole in the bottom to slide a light bulb from your strands inside to illuminate it.  This year is blue – yes I change it every year!

Those of you who know me….Alice is my favorite story/character so you can see part of the ornament next to my castle is the tree with the Cheshire Cat inside.

This one isn’t completely Christmas themed, but it has special meaning to it.  It was from our first Christmas trip in 2002 pre children.  We are hugely patriotic in our family (Ally’s middle name is Reagan) so this ornament has that America Rocks feel.

In 2008, I attended a DVC Member Mixer and received this free ornament!  FREE from DISNEY is definitely a good thing!

And just a few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend a local DVC Member Mixer with WDW Guru Queen Kelly!  Here is this year’s DVC FREE ornament!

This ornament wouldn’t film well on the tree because it’s kind of small.  In my Disney world, the phrase we use when Disney reduces offerings is “Budget Cuts.”  It’s not creative, but we say it a lot (Rockin Roller Coaster pre show used to have a guy that sat in the studio…he gone.  Kilamanjaro Safaris used to have a ranger that stood by the truck where Little Red is saved…he gone.  Whenever a foutain is drained…budget cuts)

Yet I digress.  My last two trees are small and simple for bedrooms.  My main loves are the tall tree and my Disney tree.  Like I said, I have an order placed with Disney Store for this year’s ornaments.  This year we shall see 101 Dalmations, Lady and the Tramp and Ursula make an appearance.

Merry Christmas to all!!!