Disney Fantasy Earmarked Cruise:Part 2

Although prior to this trip I have yet to have cruised I know for a fact that Disney’s staterooms are much more roomy than the average cruise-line. I spent a lot of time interviewing and discussing comparisons between Disney Cruise(DCL) Line vs some of the more popular cruise lines. Hands down the avid cruisers I spoke with say that DCL is a luxury cruise line with more bells and whistles.

My mom is an avid cruiser and has always told me how small the staterooms are and how limited the storage is in your rooms. This was certainly not the case on the Disney Fantasy. Let me start by letting you know the dynamics of the travelers in my party an the type of room we had.

The Cast: 5 Women to 1 Room

Room Type: Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Verandah

Length: 3/23-3/26

Upon entering the stateroom I was AMAZED at the size and I immediately noticed that there was not a shortage of storage at all. Disney thinks of everything as usual so they even had raised beds to allow for extra storage under the bed. Enjoy the photogalley thanks to my great friend Leslie from More Mickey Magic!!

Now for some of my pictures which I took with a regular camera and once our room had our belongings in it already..lol. So sorry for the “stuff” in the pics. :0)


Upper berth for 1 sleeper up to 250 lbs


A media and storage area with a lot of drawers and shelves.


The closet area by the door...full of hanging space and shelves.


The Verandah



All in all the room was amazing! My family of 5 could very easily have plenty of space in this type of room for a full-length cruise. Do you have any questions about the staterooms? Feel free to ask…I want to help!!


Next stop….Dining on the Disney Fantasy!


See ya real soon!