Disney Should Hide Things Better


While we were at Disney last month we had a wonderful time and as promised I will continue to share tidbits of our wonderful vacation with all of you. Today’s experience is a quick one but one that I have touched on before. Every now and then you will be walking the parks and notice something that maybe you were not supposed to see….that little thing that was placed somewhere but just not discrete enough so that you could not find it.

While entering the queue for Mansion October 1, 2011 my best friend quickly turned me to the left to take a look at this:

In case if you are wondering where exactly this is located, you can see it just as you enter the queue for Haunted Mansion. Take a look toward the Riverboat and voila there it is. Now, not that I care that I was able to see the “hidden”  Christmas lights that were getting ready to adorn the parks in just a few short weeks but I thought to myself, “Disney couldn’t you have done a better job of hiding these?’ I was really surprised to see them but thought maybe they would be gone as the week progressed. Nope, they were there for the entire time we were there which was until 10/09/2011.

I kind of get a kick out of seeing things we should not see at the parks…you can read my other post about Space Mountain here. I would love to know what you have seen that you should not see at Disney????

See ya real soon!!


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  • after working at WDW in Magic Kingdom, there are things that I saw that I wish I hadn’t seen! a few things sadly hurt the magic for me a little, and still have a hard time seeing it the same way today..though I still love going to WDW every chance I get!:)

  • Ariel I am sure!! That sure does stink. But I am sure it was quite magical working there. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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