Disney Value Resort Fun Facts


Disney does not do anything without first putting a ton of thought and imagination into it. In fact, Disney Imagineers are experts at adding fun into every single detail on property. So it was no surprise to me in researching some fun tips that I came across some fun facts that Disney Imagineers have added to the value resorts.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a resort that takes adult Disney travelers on a walk down memory lane. From the nostalgic shadow boxes in the main lobby to fun facts of several time periods this resort is sure to conjure up some fun memories! While it appeals to adults with its nostalgic memorabilia, do not fear, the larger than life icons and bright colors are enough to keep children in awe.

How about some Pop Century fun finds? Yes, it is true Imagineers have magically scattered some extra special touches throughout the resort.

  •   Check out the sticker on the three story big wheel it states that the bike can  accommodate a rider that weighs up to 877 pounds.
  •   There are bowling lanes surrounding the bowling pin pool.
  •   Head on over the laundry building and take note of the shape, it was designed to look like a bowling shoe bin.
  •   Food court cast members do the twist daily at 8AM and the Hustle at 6PM? Feel free to join in…They love the participation!
  •   There is a sign along memory lane that incorrectly states the St. Louis Gateway Arch opened in 1966, not 1961.
  •   Do not forget to visit the lobby and check out the nostalgic shadow boxes. They are sure to take you right back to your childhood.

There are three All Stars Resorts on Disney property; Sports, Music and Movies. Each resort is committed to the theme it represents. Much like Pop Century, the All Stars boast bright colors, larger than life icons and themes that the entire family will love.

How about some fun finds at the All-Star Resorts?

  •  At Movies a 1940′s theater projector can be found in the food court.
  • Visit the lobby at Movies to vie pictures of Walt Disney and his team posing with their academy awards. There is a panoramic photo that shows Shirley Temple and Frank Capra presenting Walt with an 8 Oscar honor for, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
  •  Check out the courtyard of the basketball buildings at Sports. The palms are arranged to resemble a basketball team at tip-off.
  •   At Music you head on over between the two Jazz buildings. You will notice a 10-foot fountain surrounded by benches, cobblestones and a wrought iron fence with climbing roses.

Knowing that Disney puts thought into everything that they do makes guests feel extra special. As a frequent Disney traveler myself it is nice to know that I can continue to seek out extra magic no matter where I stay on Disney property. We would love to know if you have ever found any of the fun finds listed. Maybe you have found one that we did not mention?