Disney’s Pop Century Resort


A few trips back, we were looking to try out a new resort while staying on budget. After some research, I decided Pop Century would be the perfect place for our family to stay. As soon as we pulled up, we saw the giant iconic images from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We instantly fell in love with this resort!

When we booked the room, we paid extra for a room in a preferred section so we would be closer to the food court and transportation. Once we arrived, we realized we really wanted to stay in the 90’s section, because that decor appealed to us the most. They had prepared a room in the 60’s for us, which is an extremely ideal location, but they were happy to check for an open room in the 90’s. Luckily, they found one! The 90’s section is considered standard, so we did not need to pay extra for the preferred room.

Once we got to our room, we began to check out the awesome decorations. We had a nice TV, two full beds and a little desk. Our daughter loved sitting at that desk to write about what we did at the end of every day. The room was nice and clean, and it was perfect for our family of three.

Although the 90’s is not considered a preferred section, we found it to be the perfect location. To get to the buses and food court in the mornings, we had an extremely short walk across a parking lot. If you walk through the resort and pass by the other decades, it would take longer. Using this shortcut, the distance between the 90’s and the buses is just about the same as, if not shorter than, the walk from the preferred sections. It was SO nice to hop off the bus at the end of a long day and only have a short walk to our door!

We only ate at the food court a few times, but we were very pleased with it! Of course, the Mickey Waffles were perfect! We ate there once for a late dinner, and my daughter was so happy to see she could order two breadsticks with marinara sauce. It was just the right amount of food for her. I enjoyed their veggie burger, and my husband ordered a bacon cheeseburger. It was on par with the burgers you’d find in the parks. We also went by the grab and go area to get some breakfast items for the next morning. They had yogurts, bags of fruit, bananas, cereal and muffins.

We have stayed at almost all of the value resorts, and Pop Century definitely stands out to us as being the best. The location was great. The bus system was very efficient, and it was great not having to share buses with any other resort, like you do at the All Star resorts. Also, we could take a short walk over to the Art of Animation Resort to eat and look around. Check out my pictures of the resort below!

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