Extras the Make Your Vacation Magical

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Let’s focus on extras that make your vacation magical. This is the type of thing that everyone has an opinion on and I would love to hear yours! Also, what is an add on or extra for one person might be a standard option for another. So, let’s get started.

When putting this together, I thought back to some of the items that we don’t necessarily do every time. I am a big believer in switching up your vacation planning so that everything feels new again.

Memory Maker is one of the first things that I like to add to a trip. Why when we all carry phones with cameras in them? Because you get everyone in the picture. I can’t tell you the number of times I am looking for a family picture and I can’t find one because someone was behind the camera. Selfies don’t count. Having quality pictures that include everyone helps create those magical moments. It’s so nice to walk up to the Disney photographer, scan your Magic Band and get your picture taken. These people know the best angles in the light. They know how to make everyone look their best and their equipment is better than your cell phone. It’s also great to come home and download the pictures and find those extra magical pictures that show up in your files. It keeps the magic of your vacation going.

Another great extra that I like is to bump up the dining plan. Many people do the Disney Dining Plan, but why not consider going Deluxe. It allows you that little extra to add more character meals or those special dinner shows.

Speaking of dinner shows, every few years I need, yes need, to go to the Hoop De Doo Musical Review. It’s silly. It’s cheesy. It’s 100% Disney family fun! The food is yummy, the sangria has a nice zip to it, and everyone has a ton of fun. I’ve taken grouchy teens to this show and when we weren’t looking, you could find them smiling and tapping their foot. Also, to me, the show has a bit of nostalgic fun. It’s the vision Walt had – families gathering together and simply enjoying their time together.

So here are just a few of the extras that I like to add. How about you?

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