Get those Souvenirs Elsewhere!

Money Saver Monday!!!

Happy Monday Guru readers, today’s tip comes straight from my pocketbook to yours. I feel that my family is blessed to be able to go to Walt Disney World every year, so when we are there the children know that we will NOT be doing much shopping. (This is of course unless if Grandma joins us…haha)

About six months prior to our trip I start taking a look at the Disney Store for deals. That store has an ample amount of sales throughout the year. I stock up on t-shirts, cups, plates, and small toys. Then, as I wrote about in another post, I ship a box to my hotel.(click here to read about how to ship your box) This saves my family a TON of money. What we usually do is have a small gift on the nightstand each morning. The kids truly look forward to these gifts.

I would love to hear how you save money when you visit Walt Disney World.

See you real soon!!!!

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