Giant Size Ice Cream Cookie at Pop Century

It is no secret that Disney goers are always looking for ways to maximize their snack credit. I cannot stand when I see people use a credit on a banana or a bottle of water. A snack credit has a value of up to $5! Many of the items that you see will be way under that price. But if you do your homework and plan..or if you have an AWESOME Disney Travel agent…wink wink…you will be on your way to maximizing your Disney snack credit.

I recently tried the extra large chocolate  chip ice cream cookie at Pop Century Food Court. OH MY…IT WAS DELICIOUS! I will most definitely be ordering it again. The best part is that it is a snack credit!  Be sure to add this to your list of snacks to try on your next trip.

FAM May2013 194

Don’t forget that if you are staying at Art of Animation it is a short walk over to Pop Century. :0)

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