How to Cruise Minus the Bar Bill

Norwegian Cruise Line

Is it really possible to cruise, and walk away from your vacation without a bill? Most cruisers will tell you no. In fact, when I am planning cruises for my clients, I remind them of all of the added costs when you cruise. It is NOT all included. Or is it?

You asked and Norwegian Cruise Line delivered. I cruised this past summer with my family of 5. Aside from the small on board purchases, casino, and some small souvenirs, we did not have a single drink purchase on our bill. In fact, I was stunned throughout the duration of our cruise, I could not believe that we did not have to pay for a thing!

When we went, we took two free at sea offers; the upgraded dining, and the unlimited beverage package and we were beyond amazed at the quality of the food and beverages.

I want to show you the quality of the food and beverages so you can see it for yourself. Click here to see a listing of the drink options and click here to learn more about the value behind the free upgraded dining option. Cagney’s steakhouse is absolutely amazing! PS-When you look at the flyers, remember FREE! Guru Travel can help you book a stateroom and not pay a dime for the dining and beverages.

It is absolutely possible to cruise without any sort of a bar bill at the end, heck, you can pick whatever works best for your family. Want upgraded dining and free internet? We can do that too! How about free air? We can do that too.

Just reach out to us, you will be amazed at what we can offer you as a result of our partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line. When you book with us, you will receive a series of 18 helpful email tips to guide you along the way and personalized service.

Watch to be inspired!

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