Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

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Illuminations can be viewed at Epcot. Utilizing the entire World Showcase as its stage, Illuminations is a nighttime spectacular that is beautifully synchronized to music. This show features fireworks, strobe lights, lasers beams that shoot out from various countries around the international pavilion. While there is no narration, this story is beautifully told as a rotating Earth glides across the water as reflections of images are displayed on the continents around the globe.


There are three acts to Illuminations; “Chaos,” “Order” and “Celebration.” As you can imagine, “Chaos” begins with the Big Bang theory. A single shooting star explodes and creates “Chaos.” “Order” is the part that brings everything under control. Take note of the globe during each phase as it depicts images of the acts. The last act, “Meaning,” is my favorite part of the show. This is when the globe opens and a 40-foot torch rises out from the inside of what is now a lotus flower. “Meaning” represents human diversity and the changes of all mankind and how everything came together.



As illuminations ends, you hear loud noises and the beautiful song, “We Go On.” This show truly gives you the chills as you watch it, between the musical score and the dancing fireworks, it is a true work of art.


Where should you watch it?


This show was designed specifically to to be directed toward the front of the park. This makes the best viewing spot to be World Showcase Plaza, this is where you will see everything that the Imagineers intended you to see. While you can see the show throughout the entire World Showcase and speakers are streaming throughout, the views are not the same as watching it from World Showcase Plaza.


Fun Facts….

There are 19 torches around the lagoon. These 19 torches symbolize the first 19 centuries of modern history. The 20th torch, in the globe, represents the Millennium.

The Morocco pavilion does not participate in the show.

The performance uses 67 computers in 40 locations.

Quick Tip…


Be sure to get to your viewing spot at least 30 minutes prior to showtime in order to get a good view.

Don’t forget to check park hours and show times for Illuminations. These can be checked in the Times Guide at Epcot the day you plan to view the show. No worries as this show is presented nightly.



Check out this stunning video of Illuminations:Reflections of Earth.


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