18 Nov 2015

It All Started With a Mouse

There are national holidays for everything. But for those of us with love for Disney, Mickey Mouse’s birthday is very special. This year I have the honor of being at Disneyland for his birthday….talk about DREAMS COMING TRUE!!!

What makes this so special? Those who think this is just any regular day don’t understand the significance of the “Mouse”. It was the start of something that changed the world. Mickey Mouse brings us all back to a time when life was a bit more simple and he brings out a child-like sense of wonder and awe. Mickey Mouse is the pure spirit in all of us. He reminds us that life is fun, everything can be conquered, you love those who special to you, and you never give up. Mickey faces challenges head on. He laughs, he cries, he gets frustrated, but good always shines through. He is something that you enjoy as a child and can take into adult hood.

During this week, we are at the Earmark Convention at Disneyland Resort in California. This is the annual week where the best of the best travel agencies gather to share ideas, learn from the best, refuel their fire and celebrate having the best job in the world. The entire week has been spent learning about Walt’s 4C’s: Courage, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy. These were the foundation for all the work he did and we’ll expand on those in the coming weeks. But today, on Mickey Mouse’s birthday, they seem particularly important. Mickey embodies them all. Mickey inspires us to have them all. It all started with a mouse….Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Birthday


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My grandson Oscar (5), son Johnathan, sister Kim and I went to Disney World for a week.  When I first had the thought to go I thought, where do I begin?  I put a shout out on FaceBook and discovered that Beth was a guru.  All I had to give her was my dates and we started from there.  She gave me options for resorts, told me about the dining plan, park hopper, fast passes and resorts to stay in.  She walked me through every step of the way.  I know that our vacation would not have been half as fun or organized if not for Beth.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I would ask a silly question, she would reply and not make me feel like it was silly.  There is so much to Disney that I know it would have been a nightmare without her.  She is always, friendly and helpful.  She never tried to sway my opinion one way or another and let me make the decisions.  I would definitely have been lost without her.  I recommend her to everyone who says they want to go to Disney World.  Thank you Beth for the vacation of a lifetime.

Christina Grande

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