10 Dec 2015

Magic Kingdom Attractions with Infants

We are super excited to have Guru Agent  Jenn Lissak of Disney Babies Blog writing for us today. Jenn is an EXPERT at traveling to Disney with small children. Check out her fabulous top 10 tips for traveling with babies. Want Jenn’s expert advice at no cost to you? Click here to request a quote with Jenn.


The Magic Kingdom is filled with attractions for children of all ages. Though, depending on the age, the children may not appreciate the attraction, if you are headed there with wee babies – or are a local that want to get some great photo ops – this list will help you know which attractions are best!

 My first piece of advice, as with all small or willing children, is to babywear! Find a carrier that is comfortable for YOU and the baby (yes, these do exist!) and you can be hands free – very helpful in long lines, while riding attractions, anywhere you can’t have the stroller. I even had my son sleeping in a wrap while eating at several restaurants!


2 popular and comfortable options of baby carriers – wrap and ergo!
  • Main Street, U.S.A.
    • Walt Disney Railroad
    • Main Street Vehicles
  • Tomorrowland
    • Tomorrowland Transit Authority/Wedway Peoplemover
    • Carousel of Progress – great for naptime/feeding/changing/resting
    • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – same as CoP
    • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – strap the baby on and play the game!
  • Fantasyland
    • Every attraction currently open in Fantasyland is infant friendly!  With an infant strapped on in a carrier, you can enjoy all of the rides while they take in the colors and explore the world.
      • The Great Goofini and the Snow White Mine Train will have height requirements!
    • Walt Disney World Railroad Station
  • Liberty Square
    • Similar to Fantasyland, these attractions are available to children of all ages.  Napping child but want to visit the Haunted Mansion?  It’s nice and dark – perfect for nursing or napping.  Need a longer break?  The Hall of Presidents or even the Liberty Boat.  Note – the Liberty Boat doesn’t have much available seating, so isn’t necessarily as relaxing, but still offers beautiful views and a serene ride!
  • Frontierland 
    • The Country Bear Jamboree – enjoy those bears?  Share the music with the little ones!
    • Walt Disney World Railroad has another stop here!
  • Adventureland
    • Every attraction in Adventureland is for children of all ages.  The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse might be as enjoyable carrying an infant, but the option is yours!
**For the attractions with height limits – such as Space and Splash Mountain – the Rider Swap Option is available and can even be used in combination with the fast pass!**
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