Magic Kingdom Classics

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Let’s face it, the Magic Kingdom is where it all began.  I am a Magic Kingdom girl at heart.  I have love for each park in its own way, but the Magic Kingdom brings me more happiness and joy than any other park or experience on property.

When planning a magical Disney vacation, the Magic Kingdom is a MUST SEE regardless of the ages of your travel party.  Even teens can appreciate some of the classic rides found at MK.  As ride experiences and rider tastes evolve, many of these classic attractions are removed.  Some are warranted (Dreamflight and Tiki Birds Under New Management) but some are hard to understand (Mr Toad and upcoming Snow White closure).

Let’s take a look at some Magic Kingdom Classics that should NOT be missed!  Imagine we’re walking right down the middle of Main Street USA…As we approach the castle, let’s take a left into Adventureland!

The Jungle Cruise is our first stop.  What makes this attraction a classic?  Cast member interaction, a boat ride across world rivers and a dark tunnel!  Every cruise has something different to offer while keeping to the same course.  My favorite skipper joke? “I’d like to point out some of my favorite plant life…there’s one…and that one….and that green one there.”

While you might think I’m going to suggest Pirates as my second attraction, I know people flock to that ride.  I’m going to suggest the Enchanted Tiki Room!  Just last year, the attraction was brought back to its original show pattern and I for one was thrilled!  There’s nothing like hearing “Let’s all sing like the birdies sing” and seeing the tropical rain storm out the pretend windows.  If nothing else, it’s a climate controlled area to sit and relax.  I also love that there is no bad seat in the theatre.  You can see everything happening above you!

A short walk through Caribbean Plaza takes us to Frontierland.  Never mind the mountain rides.  I am all about the classics and Country Bear Jamboree delivers.  My husband teases me that it’s nothing more than a glorified Chuck E Cheese show.  I don’t care – I have always loved these bears.  The lobby floors are scuffed with bear claws and your cast member host greets you “Howdy folks” as you enter.  I am fond of “Momma don’t whoop little Buford” that is sung during the show.  The mounted heads on the wall talk and you are encouraged to clap your hands and stomp your feet.  It’s a little country hoedown in central Florida.  You can’t beat it!

A quick stop in Liberty Square will of course steer you toward Haunted Mansion.  But what about the riverboat?  It takes you on a tour of the Rivers of America with a touch of history thrown in.  You also get some great views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion and Tom Sawyer’s Island.  Let’s walk under the covered walkway that is Columbia Harbour House Restaurant and head to our next destination.

My next classic rides can be found in Fantasyland.  Anyone visiting soon needs to get on Snow White’s Scary Adventures as many times as possible.  With the Fantasyland expansion, the attraction will be leaving.  I am sad about this.  Dark rides are a Disney staple.  Walt loved the idea of putting you in the dark and only lighting the areas he wanted you to see to tell his story.  Snow White is such a ride.  Each car is named after one of the seven dwarfs – right there, my family has something to do in line. “Which car do you think we’ll get?”  The ride itself takes you through the story of Snow White from beginning to end.  It is simple, but tells the story.

The Fantasyland expansion will surely add new attractions and experiences to the current land.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the happiest cruise that ever set sail – It’s a Small World.  Slow moving boats celebrating our world – what could be more Disney like?  It’s a definite must see and is the most classic Fantasyland attraction there is.

Tomorrowland beckons us to explore the vision of the future.  I’m going to choose two classics.

The Tomorrowland Peoplemover has had more names than I can keep track of and it’s always the WedWay to me.  This attraction offers an elevated tour of Tomorrowland.  It also offers a seat during a busy day.  I love checking out Space Mountain (sometimes if the ride is having techincal difficulties, the lights are on and you can see the inner workings) and the view of Cinderella Castle (especially at night).

My second classic is the Carousel of Progress.  This revolving theatre takes you on a journey of a family living through the 20th century and how progress has improved its life.  I used to write this attraction off because it lacked some thrills.  But I have grown fond of it.  Seeing where we came from and seeing other guests (seniors mainly) light up when they see something from their youth.  The song is pretty catchy too.

We have now returned to the hub on Main Street.  There’s a full tour of my favorite Magic Kingdom Classic Attractions.  When planning your days in the parks, be sure to check these out!

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  • I love this article!! I am a huge fan of the “cheesy” things of Disney. I love the Country Bears and the Tiki Room. My husband and I are going this summer and he only ever saw the room “Under New Management”. I can’t wait to get his take on the “new” old version!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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