What Makes Universal Orlando Different From Walt Disney World?

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I have to be honest, I am not a fan of comparing the two locations, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World but it seems that people do it and need to know what the differences are. We plan both locations and know both locations as experts. Both locations offer a top-notch theme park experience for families and thrill seekers, but both places offer a totally different experience and we feel it is worth noting why you should visit the Universal Orlando Resort.

Less is More…

Universal Orlando is a much smaller property than the Walt Disney World Resort which makes it a lot easier for people to manage in less time. For those that chose to stay on Universal Orlando property when vacationing, you will see that transpiration is not needed. While transportation is complementary at Walt Disney World, it is also a necessity if you want to visit all 4-theme parks offered. At Universal Orlando, you can get to both theme parks with next to no transportation at all. This makes the ease of access much more attainable for less time spent planning, learning, figuring out..you get the point.

Less time is needed to actually navigate the parks. Why is this a plus? Because Universal Orlando actually has some phenomenal properties that you will want to spend time at. One thing I absolutely love doing is heading back to the resort, getting in my swimwear, grabbing a pool-side chair and watching the dive in movie while the kids swim. My husband and I love the pool-side servers which keep the drinks and appetizers flowing. This makes for the perfect relaxing end to the day after we play in the parks.

The less is more appeal does not mean you are sacrificing anything, it means that you can have a fun theme park vacation AND some resort time as well.

Express Pass..

This to me is hands-down an amazing feature and because of it I always advise my clients to make sure they stay at a deluxe resort. The Universal Express Pass has the ability to do exactly what it promises and it is unlimited and no reservations are needed. I have visited over the summer in the heat and during the most-crowded times, to my great surprise the Express Pass worked and we flew through all of the lines. In face, we were able to still enjoy resort time at the end of the day.

Why does it work? It is exclusive only to the 3 deluxe resort guests and it is free! If you do not stay at a deluxe resort, you can opt to pay for it ($89 per day per person) BUT they limit the number of Express Passes they sell in order to allow the pass to do exactly what is promised. I recently booked a client for July and for her 5-night stay we were only able to get the Express Pass for 1-day, we decided to upgrade her to Loews Royal Pacific.

The Pace…

The pace of Universal touring is much, much more relaxed. Of course at the end of a long day, everyone is tired and hot but you won’t be beaten down to the point of exhaustion. Why is this? This is do to the more relaxed nature of the parks, touring, proximity, and Express Pass.

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