Mickey Mouse no longer table side at Chef Mickey’s Buffet?

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What?! Really?! A very good source has disclosed that Mickey will no longer be table side at the ever so popular, Chef Mickey’s Buffet. The buffet is serviced out of Contemporary Resort and is one of the most popular character buffets at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Mickey will pose for pictures near the front of the restaurant in the area that formerly held a photo op featuring a large plate and statue of Mickey. Your picture will be taken with Mickey and will be available for sale for $29.95.

I may have a problem making a reservation at a restaurant that is called Chef Mickey’s, if Mickey will not be visiting for some one-on-one time with my family. Boooo hoooo!!!

What are your thoughts about this?

See you real soon!

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  • I totally agree Kelly, that is unbeleivable. Chef Mickey has to have Mickey. Its another way for them to make more money because not enoough people buy the pictures you pose for in the beginning. That is so not right, I personally would not do that buffet again wihtout Mickey and I really liked that one.

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