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This is a very special week for me because I have the pleasure of introducing you to some extremely talented writers that are going to be writing for Disney Guru. Today I would like to introduce Belinda…he article below is an introduction to what she is going to be writing about every Thursday right here at Disney Guru. Belinda truly lives a fairy tale life and incorporates Disney into everything she does. So we only found it fitting that her weekly column here at Disney Guru would be called, “Living the Fairy Tale Life.”

Sit back relax and enjoy!! Take it away Belinda………

Welcome!I’m so excited to be here writing my first introduction column for all of you.It is truly a blessing to be able to share my love and passion for Disney witheveryone. My name is Belinda, my husband and I have no kids and are as madly inlove with Disney as we are with each other. Disney has been a big part of mylife every since I was a little girl, as I got older, my love and passion forMickey grew into a magical and unforgettable addiction. Every since I was 10years old, my parents would take my brother and I to Disney World yearly. Oncemy brother joined the army and moved away, I still took the trip with themuntil I was 18.

When I married my high school sweetheart, his love of Disneyjoined with mine, and together our marriage turned into something trulymagical. We vacation “home” every year, sometimes twice a year. We evencelebrated our 10 year anniversary with a Vow Renewal Wedding on the DisneyMagic. Every day is like a fairytale for me, whether we are cooking from aDisney cookbook together, dancing in the living room to Disney love songs orplaying Disney games and planning new trips. We make it a point to incorporateDisney in our lives every day. It is a passion and a love that gets us throughsome of life’s toughest times. Some people may not ever understand why when Ithink of Disney, the songs, the parades, the feeling of magic it creates… I getall choked up, but it’s an overwhelming feeling of joy and emotion that meansso much to me that it truly takes my breath away. 

We all dream of living the fairytale life, Ibelieve that for every couple out there, their truly is a happily ever after. Idream it but I also live it every day. I hope all of you will follow me on myjourney as I share with you the love and passion that Disney has blessed mineand my husband’s life with and how the love of Disney in our hearts has madeour life a true fairytale!


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  • Belinda I just love your passion for Disney!!! :0) Can't wait to read more!!!

  • Thank you Kelly! I'm so excited to be able to spread my passion and thoughts with the world :0)

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