Pick up the Phones at Magic Kingdom

Flashback  Friday!!!

There are two locations that house phones that may look like decoration. Next time you are at Magic Kingdom go to the following locations and pick up the phones…you may be surprised at what you hear.

Main Street Party line

Stop in the Market House on Main Street and look for a turn of the century phone mounted on the wall near a set of cash registers. If you pick up the receiver you’ll listen in on an old fashion party line between a mother and her daughter.

Tommorowland Phone Co.

Located in Rocket Tower Plaza (beneath the Tommorowland Transit Authority station and the Astro Orbiter) is a phone with a several buttons. Pick up the phone and each button will connect you with the likes of Sonny Eclipses’ Agent or other Tommorowland residents.

Courtesy of Intercot.com

Enjoy!! See you real soon!!!