Pizzafari: A Colorful Place to Dine


Dining Style: Counter Service
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Location: Discovery Island: Animal Kingdom 

The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at this location. 

While the name Pizzafari firmly suggests that this location onlycarries pizza think again. Pizzafari is a great location nestled inDiscovery Island at Animal Kingdom. From the vivid murals and floor mosaics thefeel you have when dining in this wonderful counter service location is cleanand relaxed. To keep with the theme of the name Pizzafari, the restaurant isbrightly decorated with bright safari like colors. Make sure you check out eachof the dining rooms at this establishment as they each have a different theme; Home Room, Nocturnal Room, Upsidedown Room, Camouflage Room,  Four Seasons Room & BugRoom. Look around while you are eating, like all things Disney the surroundingdecorations have a purpose. 

Both pictures are from Photobucket via Google Images
Pizzafari not only carries pizzas but also offers some wonderfulsandwich and salad options. The pizza is very similar to that of Toy StoryPizza Planet but Pizzafari throws in some scrumptious breadsticks topped withcheese and a side of marinara…yummy!! If you love marinara and would love todip your pizza in it, not problem, just ask for a side at no charge.  Thesandwich offerings are delicious and do not taste like they belong at anycounter service location. My husband ordered the Hot Italian style sandwichand said it was full of great Italian cold cuts and cheeses. While henormally would veer away from a sandwich in fear that it would not fill him uphe gave it a whirl and said that the Hot Italian sandwich is a mustdo for him from now on. I ordered the vegetable pizza that came withthe breadsticks and as can be expected it was the same as the pizzas at ToyStory Pizza Planet, but I can say that I always enjoy the pizza there. I liketo take a ranch packet and dip my pizza in it…yummy!! I have not had it but Ihave heard that Pizzafari makes a “mean” which means good, Caesarsalad.  Your little ones get a pick of either mac and cheese or a cheesepizza. 

What was your experience at Pizzafari?  

*This location does serve breakfast but I have not had it so I am unable to review it. 

Visit to view the entire menu. 
 See ya real soon!!
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  • We love Pizzafari! Have been giong there every year. I really like the Italian sub and if you wanted you could share the meal. Kids love the food too!

  • Stacy I love the sharing tip!! We are always looking for ways to cut down on costs. Thanks!!

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