Planning is When the Magic Begins….


I know that every visitor to my page has one mission in mind and that is to stretch their Disney dollar…right? For the past year and a half we have been fully committed to providing you with the very BEST in Disney travel tips and information. It is my belief that we have succeeded in this area and we continue to strive to bring you more for FREE!!

When I became a Disney Vacation Planner, my mission was not to loose site of why I began this magical journey, my plan was always to help. I like to create a challenge for myself and now for my business and in turn you are going to benefit greatly as a past, present or future client with WDW Guru Travels.

Do you want to know why? 

Guru Jenn and I have created a partnership that is going to more than double your Disney dollar! As you know Guru Jenn has 65 Walt Disney World trips under her belt…yep you read it correctly 65!! She has her very own professional itinerary planning business where she helps people just like you plan a play by play for their trip.  And when I say play by play that is exactly what I mean. Guru Jenn gets to know her clients, and in combination with her expert travel experience and extensive knowledge of itinerary planning she creates an itinerary of a lifetime!   Wondering how much that costs? $149 and up to 6 hours of her time….but not for you!!

WDW Guru Travel clients are going to get  itinerary planning  with Guru Jenn for FREE! All you need to do is be a client of WDW Guru Travel and you will qualify for this FREE and AMAZING service with Guru Jenn. Here is how the planning process will work:

  • Inquiring clients will first work with me to help them decide on the perfect Disney package and time of year to travel as well as getting to know their family.
  • Guru Jenn and I will conference about your package and I will make suggestions for your travel.
  • You will have your FREE itinerary session with Guru Jenn where she will utilize planning spreadsheets and questionnaires to help her to better help you.
  • Once you have had your session with Guru Jenn you and I will work with your professional itinerary to make the most magical vacation for you and your family.
  • When you travel and you see how much time we have saved you…you will be amazed!

We are very excited about this partnership and we are confident that this is something that will greatly benefit you and your loved ones whether you are a seasoned Walt Disney World traveler or brand new to Disney travel. Here at WDW Guru Travels you are always on our mind…because we know planning is when the magic begins! 


See ya real soon!!

Kelly & Jenn


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