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Living the Fairytale Life with Belinda!!

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While Iam sure we have all heard some people say Disney is for kids. I, myself am afirm believer that Disney is the most romantic place on earth. My husband and Ivacation yearly with no children and after 17 + visits I can honestly say thatthe romance Disney brings to our vacation has been some of the most memorablemoments of our life.

Twothings that I plan with romance in mind is the resort we stay at and therestaurants we dine at.  I’m a girl thatloves intimate magical moments and nothing brings better memories than theatmosphere of a fine Disney restaurant or a breathtaking resort. Here are someof our favorite restaurants that offer some truly intimate dining experiences!

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Whatcould be more fitting than dining like royalty inside Cinderella’s Castle! Thisrestaurant will make any girl feel like a princess.  Meals here are pre-plated and range under$40.00. Menu items consist of things such as prime rib, lemon lavender chickenand pork chops with bacon and mushroom ragout. The food is irresistible! Onething I love about this restaurant is that you and your special someone canhave your photo taken before dinner with Cinderella (included in the price) andthen it is presented to you at the end of your meal in a special take-homefolder. It comes with one 5×7 photo and several smaller ones. It is the perfectkeepsake. Another plus is the characters; these vary from the princesses to theFairy Godmother and friends. We have always had great interaction with them andI must say, some of the photos I have gotten are priceless. If you are lookingfor a true fairytale setting with your prince charming, you can’t go wrong withCinderella’s Royal Table!

This isone my husband’s favorites! Le Cellier is located below the Chateau in the Canada pavilionthis restaurant evokes the feel of a wine cellar therefore there are nowindows. We love the intimate cozy atmosphere. It has low domed archwayceilings and low lit candles to add to the romantic feel. The food hereconsists of New York strip, prime rib and pan-seared halibut along with manyother offerings. We always love dining here and look forward to walking thegardens around the Canada pavilion. Nothing tugs at my heart more than the feelof magic while strolling world showcase with my prince in hand.
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After aromantic day of Disney dining, we always look forward to a relaxing yetintimate evening at our resort.  Ourfavorite and very first resort we ever stayed at is the Caribbean Beach Resort.

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Thegrounds at this resort are breathtaking. We love it here! You get the feel of atropical Caribbean getaway. They offer a great food court that stays open lateand offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and also has a full service restaurant.We always request our room in the Barbados section, as it tends to be a littlecloser to the food and shopping area. This resort is huge so there are severalstops at this resort when going back to your room at the end of the day. If youdon’t want to sit on the bus for very long, request one of the islands that areone of the first stops (Barbados).  Thelast time we stayed here, we were stop number 3. A lot of the sections offerprivate pool areas away from the main pool. Nothing is more romantic thanlaying in a hammock and looking at the stars or enjoying a late night swim withthat special someone. With break taking views and the feel of a Caribbeangetaway right in middle of all the magic, you can’t go wrong with this moderateresort!

Disneyis full of romance, it is all around us, and all we have to do is embrace it.Every time we visit our fairytale continues, as we are surrounded by all of themagic and wonder that Disney put into our hearts to make our fairytale cometrue. It starts from the moment we step off the plane and see the sign thatsays, “Walt Disney World”!  Wherever youchoose to stay or choose to dine, remember, Disney is full of magic, unexpectedmoments, memories that we can never replace and tears of joy that stay with usforever. Treasure every Disney moment with that special someone, embrace it,fairytales come true every day at Disney World, all you have to do is open yourheart and let the magic take over.

Next week ~ Romance in Disney continueswith more insight and tips on where we find love at the most romantic place onearth!
Do you have any romanticexperiences in Disney? I would love to hear all about them!


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  • I loved this Belinda!! CBR is one of my families all-time favorite resorts too! So excited to hear your thoughts on Le Cellier too! It will be our 1st time eating there this trip!! Awesome blog!! ºoº

  • CBR is so beautiful! I just love the tropical feel! You are going to love Le Cellier Julie! The atmosphere is amazing to me. So secluded and private like… .and romantic of course 😉 The food is so good and the desserts are a must 🙂

  • Belinda I have to agree that I just love this article!! I need to take a romantic trip to WDW. :0)

  • Awww… Thanks girls! Yes, you do Kelly! Their is nothing like it. Being there with that special someone brings out the magic in a whole new way. Its truly breathtaking!

  • Dionne Disneymad Newton
    April 1, 2011 7:06 pm

    Fab posting Belinda, we too love Le Cellier and you can't beat being at Disney with the one you love. xxx

    We celebrate our Anniversary every year on Disney Property, we have celebrated at Disneyland Paris, WDW & DL as well, they are all magical this year is year 8 for us and I look forward to DL in Sept, we normally try to eat at Le Cellier or Californian Grill for the day and they always make a fuss, dress the table with confetti Mickeys and even dress the puddings with Happy Anniversary chocolates. I love they way they make you feel.


  • Dionne! Thank You! No you sure can't 🙂 That is awesome! Disney is simply amazing when it comes to us lovebirds. The magic that they bring to us leave memories that are priceless! Even if its a few sprinkles and a cupcake, its the best feeling in the whole world! Congratulations on all your wonderful trips! That is awesome that you too, get to spend your anniversaries at the most "romantic" place on earth! I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return this year! I know you and your prince are going to have a magical time! I will Def have to get to Disneyland someday 😉

  • I absolutely love this article! Can't wait to try out some of these spots soon!! 🙂

  • Erin, Thank you so much! You will not be disappointed! The restaurants are simply amazing and the resort is wonderful. Your going to love it all 🙂

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