Guru Travel, LLC. is a professional travel agency in business serving customers in the local community and in states across the country. We help plan vacations worldwide including every component of a trip such as: air transportation; accommodations to suit all budgets and tastes; ground transportation and car rental; sightseeing, excursions, and adventure; ocean and river cruises; dining and entertainment; and travel insurance.

We receive commission from many of the travel suppliers and providers we use. We do not charge for our time.

Our customers best work with us in a consulting role by letting us know what research they have done on their own, what information they have received elsewhere, by sharing their thoughts and aspirations, and by allowing us to continue to work with them when they change their plans or find something else that is more appealing.

We do not receive commission by a supplier unless we make the arrangements. Therefore, we ask that our customers not make their own travel arrangements once they start working with us.

If you cancel the trip, for whatever reason, Guru Travel will charge a $100.00 cancellation fee per reservation number. Suppliers and other travel providers’ cancellation fees may also apply.

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