Tuesday’s top 10 things I learned while at Disney World

The beauty of Disney is that there is so much to see and do,you could not possibly do everything all in one trip. Every time we visit, we learnnew things. Check out what made my list of top 10 things that I learned on mymost recent trip to Disney World.

10. You do not need to sit through the animation show,  “Drawn to Animation”  located in The Magic of Disney Animation  building  in order to get to the character greeting areain the back of the building.  Not that wedo not enjoy this show but our younger son just does not sit well through thesetypes of shows. It was nice to know that we could go through the animationstore and enter the character meet and greet area though there.

9.  We need to makemore pool time for our kids. We find that we become park commandos when reallysometimes it is ok to just stay back and relax for a half of a day.

8.  That I actuallyneed a mid-day break. I never thought that I would say that. Maybe I am gettingold…..lol. I am only 31. :0)

7. I learned that Disney is the only place you will catch mein matching T-Shirts, Crocs and Mickey Ears and actually feel cool.

6.  I just loveBiergarten in Germany!!! This was our first time eating there…our children hadso much fun watching the show while we dined. In addition, we love that ourkids were able to try some new foods and us some new beer. :0)

5.  I learned thatwhen Mousekeeping cleans your room they have to enter in a code on your roomphone. If that code is not entered their boss will come and check to see ifyour room was cleaned, if not if will be done immediately. 

4. Did you know that Pop Century food court has a bakery that carries cappuccino andlattes. Not that it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had but it gave me agood boost of caffeine…much better than the stuff you fill in your resort mug,no offense but yuck!

3.  I found it amazingthat when my 5 year old son raved about the lobster cream soup at Coral Reefthe waiter handed him the recipe.  The waiterthen proceeded to explain that when Logan (my son) was missing Disney andcraving that soup he could help me make it at home. That was a magical Disneymoment.  By the way….you can ask forrecipes at any of the Disney restaurants on property.

2. Well it finally happened to me…..we lost a Key to theWorld Card. Now before getting upset, I should have taken a moment to realizethat I am at Disney and that no CM could ever let me feel hopeless in thissituation.  We went to the front gate atAnimal Kingdom and let them know we lost our key…within 3 minutes we had a newone. The CM did let us know that if we found the old one we were not to use it.I guess the key was coded as stolen. Lesson learned do not panic and report asap to cancel the key andcharging privileges.  FYI….the key wasnever found.

1. I am getting much better at this but with each and everytrip I am slowing down…and in a good way. I am learning to stop and smell theroses. I want to see all of the magic and detail that was put into creating themost magical place on earth.

See ya real soon!