Walt Disney World-Melting Moments

Walt Disney World for Spring Break

Walt Disney World-Melting Moments

As we go through our expert list of top 5 spring break locations you need to have on your list, today we picked Walt Disney World. While you might think we picked Walt Disney World for obvious reasons, we love it, we send a ton of clients there…etc. These reasons help, but we truly believe in reconnecting with your family and know that Walt Disney World offers the necessities needed.

The purpose of a spring break vacation is exactly what it sound like; a break from the winter blues and a time to just break away from the busy times in your life. Walt Disney World offers a location for you and your family to accomplish both aspects.


Of course the weather in Florida is already at a point where, unless you live there, you will appreciate a little bit of heat and humidity. (can you tell I live in Chicago?) By the time spring break comes, we all need a little bit of vitamin D in our life.


There are not many locations where matching t-shirts, crocs, Mickey Ears, clicking your heals and running with an ice cream in hand is acceptable. At Walt Disney World this is the fashion. It is highly encouraged to indulge in the magic if being a kid again. It does not matter if you are young or old, fun is expected.


Did you read the paragraph about fun? If not, go back and read it. You will then know exactly what your kids want, and what you need to do to reconnect with them.

Looking for a little bit of magic in your life? This video is sure to put you in the mood. Watch it and click the button below to request your free spring break vacation quote. We would be honored to help you plan. 

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