What “Not” to Do at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party



Learn from my mistakes. I have been to the party more times than I can count and I have probably made every mistake you can possibly make at the party. My top 7 tips of what not to do is sure to help you maximize time and enjoy your party going experience without stress.


  1. Do not attend the party on 10/31. It is unbelievably crowded. If you can avoid attending on 10/31 I would. There are other options for what to do on Halloween here.
  2. Do not attend on the weekend. I know that for some, it is unavoidable but if you have the option to attend during the week, and preferably early in the week do it. The weekend brings out the local crowds and causes it is be a bit more congested.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a seat for Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” parade. Allow at least 20 minutes to line up and relax before the parade.
  4. Don’t spend the entire party riding the rides. Print our tips of must dos and grab a park map to see what is offered exclusively during the party.
  5. Do not wear a mask or bring in weapons of any kind. They will be collected at the door.
  6. Don’t arrive right at 7 for the party. Your ticket allows you entry into the park starting at 4 pm. This is when the crowds to get in are the lightest. If you wait until 7, plan to spend about 45 minutes in line before you can enter the park.
  7. If you plan to take a day off of touring the parks, make it the same day that you attend the party. We once made the huge mistake of touring EPCOT all day, dining at Coral Reef, heading back to Pop Century to get dressed and booked it over to the party. Needless to say, that was a really poor choice on my part. Allow some time for relaxation so that everyone is in good spirits and ready to party!

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  • We went last year and my husband was able to enter even though he had a mask. He had to remove it before being let in but I think as long as they are able to see your face then its ok.
    I was also very impressed that the fingerprint reader was able to detect his fingerprint through his costume.

  • Hi Loli! Thank you kindly for visiting and commenting. Hope your trip was magical!

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