Why Cruise with Disney?

Disney Dream
Disney Dream

I have done a lot of trips in my lifetime and nothing takes my breath away like the sight of a Disney ship when you see it in person for the first time. The beauty and attention to detail captivates you from a distance and you know, as you look around you that not one other ship at port can stand up to the class, grace and beauty that the Disney fleet upholds.

I had the pleasure of cruising with many of the Gurus a few weeks back on another popular cruise line other than Disney. It was my mission to give this line a change to stand-up next to what Disney Cruise Line has to offer. I would have to write a book to show you the differences in the quality from cleanliness to food choice and decor there is nothing in the world that can hold up next to Disney Cruise Line. Like everything else, Disney knows it best. They take a concept and look at how it is being done, and make it that much better.

One huge difference was the nickel and dimming that happened on the other cruise line. While DCL would have come in last for price, the other cruise was fast reaching DCL’s price by the time I paid for a refillable mug for my pop throughout the course of the cruise. In addition, even though I paid for this mug, finding a refill station was next to impossible.

Which brings me to my next point. Restrooms were not only absolutely DISGUSTING but they were nowhere to be found and to find a crew-member to point you in the right direction was not happening either. I was totally appalled at the lack of cleanliness on this other cruise line. Disney is SO VERY IMMACULATE that you could even dine in the restrooms. (ok I would not dine there but you get the point.)

Enjoy some pics of restrooms on the Disney Fantasy.

The service on the other cruise line was just OK but on Disney is so outstanding it is almost uncomfortable. You are truly royalty on a Disney Cruise which makes going home simply horrible. :0)

One of my favorite servers on the Fantasy.
One of my favorite servers on the Fantasy.

I will admit I am a Disney junkie, but the entertainment on a Disney Cruise IS  BROADWAY QUALITY hands down! I don’t care if you are a Disney fan or not, you will find joy in the shows that Disney puts on simply because they tug at your heartstrings. The entertainment on the other cruise line made me a bit embarrassed and were totally dated. The music was off-key and the dancing was less than stellar. :0(

Food!!! This is a very important part of cruising and let me tell you that Disney does not skimp in this area. From their rotational dining which allows you to dine in a different dining room each night, to their world class cuisines you will not be disappointed. The food on the other ship was just…blah.

Enjoy some of my favorite food on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

The bottom line is, if you are going to cruise it is important to know that you are paying for your ship, the crew and the experience…you get what you pay for. It will cost more to cruise with Disney but you get that much more.

Here at Guru Travel we are cruise experts that are here to find the most affordable option for you and your family. We know the ins and outs of cruise pricing and are prepared to get you the best deal!

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