Why do we love Disney Cruising?

Cyndy Guest BloggerThat is a question that gets asked all the time! Why is a Disney cruise your favorite? It’s simple. It’s magical. Over the years, we have explored many cruises and while each has its merits, we always end up going back to Disney cruises. There really is something for everyone. When my boys were little, a Disney cruise was perfect. We had done Disney World every year and we wanted the Disney experience, but also wanted something new. After taking a closer look at the kids programs, there was no doubt in my mind that the Disney cruise had everything I wanted as a mom. And boy was I right! My plan was that we would do family things part of the day, check the boys into their programs, and then wrap the evening up with dinner and the nightly shows. Bits and pieces of that happened the first day, but then the plan went overboard. When we did the initial ship tour, we stopped by their respective clubs and the counselors made them feel so comfortable that they didn’t want to leave. What a great problem to have! But, I am a mom with a plan, so off we went. As we would pass cast members, they would ask the boys if they checked out the kids clubs. Everywhere we went that first day, people wanted to encourage the boys to leave me and go have fun. I finally relented and off they went. At dinner time we went to pick them up. I was still going to have those family dinners! During dinner all they could talk about was the new friends they were making, how awesome the counselors were, what the plans were for the week, and so on and so on. WOW! I was hooked – in just a few short hours they were fully immersed into the experience and we had barely left the port. From this point, we never turned back. My oldest still stays in touch with a friend he met over 15 years ago. The memories my boys made have stayed with them forever. And, isn’t that what we want as parents? We work hard to create a magical vacation for our families and a Disney cruise delivers. Don’t hesitate. Take it from one mom to another – a Disney cruise is worth every penny. It is the perfect balance between family time, alone time, and couples time. It is a week that is filled with new adventures every day, new friends from all over the world, and new memories that really encompass the spirit of Walt Disney. A Disney cruise? Sign me up!

Let’s get your cruise planned. This is the last week for our October special. Book by October 31, 2015 for travel in 2016 and we’ll throw in some great extras to make your trip even more magical. Bon Voyage!

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