Disney 101~Your Highway in the Sky

Today we are going to talk about transportation within the Walt Disney World Resort.  When the Dis Savvy family visits the parks, we make a point of using as much of the transportation as possible because it’s so unique.  The kids and I live in a mini-van so getting a chance to do something else is an exciting part of our trip.

Today’s post is about your highway in the sky – the Monorail!  I’m not going to get into the history – I want to make this mode of transportation useful for you!

There are three tracks “lines” for the monorail.  The Resort Line, the Express Line and the EPCOT Line.  Each line does travel in a circle so if you start at one place, eventually you could end up returning to the same place you started.  That could be a fun ride, but not practical!

Let’s discuss the EPCOT Line first.  This track runs from the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) to the main entrance of EPCOT only.  If you park a car at the TTC or if you are staying at one of the deluxe resorts along the monorail line, you will use the EPCOT Line to visit EPCOT.  When you are ready to leave EPCOT, you will take the EPCOT Line monorail back to the TTC.  This monorail makes two stops only – EPCOT and TTC.

As you head to EPCOT, the track takes you on a mini-tour of EPCOT.  You’ll make a circle around Future World and get a glimpse of World Showcase before you arrive at the EPCOT station.

The remaining monorail lines service the Magic Kingdom in two different ways.  The first – the Express Line that runs counter-clockwise.  When riding this monorail, you will go two places:  The main entrance of the Magic Kingdom and the TTC.

If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom and have parked in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, you actually need to take transportation to the Magic Kingdom.  One option is the monorail.  Simply board the Express Line and you will be carried non-stop to the Magic Kingdom.  When you are ready to return to your vehicle, hop on the Express Line again and you will have an awesome trip back to the TTC.

What if you are staying at the Polynesian, Grand Floridian or Contemporary and you are headed to the Magic Kingdom?  Enter the Resort Line.  This monorail runs clockwise and starting at the Magic Kingdom will make stops at The Contemporary, The TTC, The Polynesian and the Grand Floridian.

What if you have table service reservations at one of those hotels and you’re currently at the Magic Kingdom?  Hop aboard the Resort Line!

What if you’re staying at the Grand Floridian and you want to go to EPCOT?  Grab the monorail and ride it to the TTC.  Then you can take the EPCOT monorail from there!

What are the benefits to monorail riding?  I’m so glad you asked!

  • An exciting way to travel – especially for kids.
  • No traffic lights (Though occasionally you will have to hold for traffic clearance)
  • You can bring your stroller on and keep it opened!
  • Monorails hold over 300 people at a time with sitting and standing options
  • You get to hear my favorite safety phrase of all time: Por favor mantenganse alejadro de las puertas

Do you have any trivial facts about the monorail?  Why yes I do!

  • There are over 14 miles of track used by the monorail.
  • Each monorail is designated with a different color to “name ” them
  • In 2009, monorails pink and purple had a collision which resulted in two new monorails peach nd teal being added
  • There are 12 monorails in the WDW fleet
  • Guests used to be able to ride up front with the pilot.  Since the 2009 crash, those rides are no more
That’s me in 2004 up front as co-pilot!

When planning your trip to Disney, don’t forget the unique transportation options you have available!  Watch for my next post about transportation…a hint – AHOY Land Lubbers!