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Money Saver Monday!!

Souvenir shopping is a hot commodity a Walt Disney World. Everywhere you look you are sure to see something you want to buy from key chains to home decor, Walt Disney World sells it all. The problem is, once you have spent money on this magical vacation you may not want to break the bank spending money on expensive souvenirs.  A few weeks back I talked about Disney things you can buy in advance to help you save money when you are at Walt Disney World. This month “Money Saver Monday” is going to be all about inexpensive Disney souvenirs.

  • Pressed Pennies- If you are looking for a collecting hobby that is very inexpensive look no further than pressed pennies. They will run you $0.51 per penny. Take a look in any gift shop and pick up a pressed penny book for about $7. (keep in mind you do not have to purchase the book in order to collect) The great thing about collecting pressed pennies is that there are pressed penny machines all over Walt Disney World.

  • Pick a pearl- Visit the Japan pavilion at Epcot and pick a pearl from an oyster for around $15. You can even have your pearl set starting at just $10.  Chip & Co suggest picking your pearl from the biggest ugliest oyster.

  • Test Track Driver License- As you exit Test Track you go through a gift shop. Take a look on your left as you exit the store. You will notice a large red machine that makes driver licenses. It is really a lot of fun!! I think we spent $5 on it and my boys just love it!! You cannot see in the picture but your child’s picture is actually on the license.

  • Autograph Books/Pens-We always purchase these at home and decorate them. The kids not only love doing this but it saves me a TON of money!! As far as the pens you really need to have something fat so that the characters can hold onto it. Go to the dollar store and purchase a package of fat markers and you are all set!
  • Mickey Straws- The food courts at Disney resorts have Mickey shaped straws in a variety of colors. The straws cost $0.50 and make a wonderful souvenir for small children looking to remember their Walt Disney World vacation.


Check back next week for FREE Walt Disney World souvenirs!!

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  • I never knew about the Test Track License, its so cute! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  • I am so happy to share it!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a magical day!!

  • We loved collecting pennies and doing the pearl experience!! Don’t forget they have the pressed quarters as well. Granted they’re a little more at $1.25 each, so we didn’t do any of them. But I found that I liked a lot of the designs for the quarters better than those for the pennies…

  • I have never heard about the license – my son would love that! I am excited about Pick-A-Pearl. I plan on doing it for myself on our next trip!!

  • Amanda I made one too. It really was a ton of fun!! It is in my wallet, maybe if I ever get pulled over I can use it…do you think that will make the cop laugh…lol.

  • Ohh I did not know about the quarters. I will have to check that out next time. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I haven’t seen the license thing either – always in a hurry to get back in line 😉 My oldest will turn 16 this year. That would be a funny gift!

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