O'ahu Souvenirs

6 Souvenirs to Purchase in O’ahu

O'ahu Souvenirs

Many people as me what they should purchase as a souvenir for their family back at home. There are always those staple items that you have to bring back. This is not any different when traveling to O’ahu.

O’ahu has a plethora of shopping including the largest outdoor mall in the world. While you are able to shop to your heart’s content, there are some must-have gifts you need to purchase and bring home.

Here’s our list of 6 souvenirs you have to purchase when in O’ahu!

Macadamia Nuts

These make for the perfect gift for your friends and family back at home. You can get them as cookies, chocolate or a la carte.

Alohoa Wear

Bring back some gear from the islands. Tropical shirts, dresses and sarongs are among items that make it to the top of our list.


You can dream of O’ahu under a beautifully patterned quilt which is made right on the island.

Native Woods

Hand-carved bowls, boxes, and jewelry made from native woods make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves 

YUMMY!! Flavors like mango, passion fruit and berry make for a very unique way to bring the islands home.

Hawaii Coffee and Chocolates 

Did you know that they grow coffee right in O’ahu? The coffee and chocolates are made of the finest quality and taste.

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