01 Apr 2016

A Favorite Disney Memory


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Having visited Walt Disney World 40+ times I have a TON of Disney memories!!  I do have to say that among all of those magical memories one stands out in particular, that was a trip that I took with my family in October 2010.

This trip was not only special because we got to see a very good friend of the family in her entertainment role at Magic Kingdom, but because it was the trip that my son created the “Dollar Dance.” Now we all know that kids are kids and that they say and do the darnedest things. Here is the story of the day the “Dollar Dance” was created.We had two adjoining rooms at Pop Century Resort. My brother in law (Adam) is somewhat of a rap artist…he drops a beat every now and then. So while everyone was in my room, Adam and Logan (my son) were in the other room getting ready. I could hear Adam beat-boxing and Logan was just staring at him. Adam decides to ask Logan if he could dance to his beat…Logan said, “No way!” Adam offered Logan a dollar which sure did do the trick! Logan went to town, rubbing his knees together, pushing his legs out like a chicken, thrusting his arms back an fourth…Oh my, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen!! Keep in mind that this was early in the trip.



Logan was so happy that he made a dollar and we were all thrilled to have a great laugh. The dance was so darn cute that we wanted to keep seeing him do it. Naturally, Logan gave me his dollar to keep tabs on it, I put it right into the case that I carry around my neck. Throughout the rest of the trip at various times we would ask Logan to perform the, “Dollar Dance” for us…and would you know it he would say, “Show me the money.” We had no problem shelling out at dollar each time because I just kept pulling the dollar out of the case around my neck,  in other words, it was the same dollar every time.

The best part of the story is when we went to go and see the daytime, “Celebrate You” parade. If you are not familiar with this parade, it is quite interactive. The parade stops in front of the castle and pulls people into the street to dance. My kids are not great at participating in this sort of thing at all…I was begging them to join in the fun!! Would you have it, Logan offered to do his special of the week, “Dollar Dance.”  Not only did Logan do the dance but my very shy husband joined in the fun, as did my teen daughter Lexis, my little cutie pie Lucas, along with Adam and grandma Jo. I was of course videotaping all of the fun so I did not join in…wink wink. :0)

Now I know that this is a simple memory…but it is one that I will never forget. Logan still does, “Dollar Dance” and we all still laugh every time we see it.  Oh yeah, and before you worry about the dollar that he really never made…no worries. Grandma took him shopping on his last day with all of his “earned” dollars.

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My grandson Oscar (5), son Johnathan, sister Kim and I went to Disney World for a week.  When I first had the thought to go I thought, where do I begin?  I put a shout out on FaceBook and discovered that Beth was a guru.  All I had to give her was my dates and we started from there.  She gave me options for resorts, told me about the dining plan, park hopper, fast passes and resorts to stay in.  She walked me through every step of the way.  I know that our vacation would not have been half as fun or organized if not for Beth.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I would ask a silly question, she would reply and not make me feel like it was silly.  There is so much to Disney that I know it would have been a nightmare without her.  She is always, friendly and helpful.  She never tried to sway my opinion one way or another and let me make the decisions.  I would definitely have been lost without her.  I recommend her to everyone who says they want to go to Disney World.  Thank you Beth for the vacation of a lifetime.

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