04 Apr 2016

Summer Survival at Disney World

Summer Survival at Walt Disney World


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*This post was originally written by our very own Guru Jenn Hart and updated recently by Kelly.

Summer in Florida is fierce.  I hold nothing back.  As one who made the yearly pilgrimage to the House of Mouse every July for at least a decade with my family, I know it seems impossible to visit the parks while you are dripping with sweat.

Fear not travelers for I bring you some coping mechanisms.  I can’t promise you mid 70 temps and no rain, but I can help you make your vacation magical in spite of soaring temps and 90% humidity.

I present: 6 Steps to Surviving the summer at Disney (trumpets sound here).


You will need to do some research before you head to Disney.  What are you interested in doing while you are there?  Do you have teens that want more thrill rides?  Do you have a 5 year old princess in training who will want to meet Rapunzel? Or is your 7 year old son dying to see some action at Indiana Jones and Lights, Motors, Action?

Summer crowds are heavy so you will not be able to do everything.  Start a list of “must do” and “would like to do” that will please all members of your family.


You hear this all the time but it is so true.  You should be drinking water as often as possible.  You may be tempted by soft drinks and lemonades, but water is the best liquid to help you maintain your stamina!

Freeze water over night in bottles and use them during the day.  Refill at water fountains (the older the park, the more water fountains available).

Purchase reusable water bottles and misters before you hit the parks and save some money!


You are going to be outside in the Florida sun more hours than you usually are (unless you are a lifeguard by trade).  Bring sunscreen in all forms.  I found a great powder form I use on our faces.  I use sticks for shoulders and tops of feet.  I use a spray for backs and arms.  It’s a full armada of protection and you will still get some sun anyway.


When you look at the parks’ hours of operation you will be amazed at how long the parks are open.  There is a reason for that.  Sheer volume of people in attendance makes parks stay open longer.  Because of this, stop mid day and go back to your hotel.  Relax, get cool, swim, shop whatever but take time OUT of the parks during the hottest times to recharge your batteries and head back in around dinner time.  Think of your vacation as a cross-country run, not a 50 yard dash.


Last year we did a summer trip for the first time in many years.  I wasn’t sure how my family would do under the heat and crowds. Do a practice run.   Pick a hot day,  pack up like you going to Magic Kingdom for the day.  We like to do practice days at the local zoo.  You can learn a lot about your kids’ endurance.  Heat is a factor that can lead to crankiness and whininess in children.


You want to have a perfect trip.  You are spending a LOT of money to have a wonderful time and it is hard when your kids are whining and you are tired and you still have three more 60 minute waits to endure.  This is when you need some flexibility.  Instead of standing in that 70 minute line for Space Mountain, climb aboard the TTA and relax.  Instead of walking all the way from Germany to International Gateway while sweating and complaining, stop in at France and watch the movie in air-conditioned bliss.

While summer in Disney is one of the more difficult seasons to visit, it still holds wonder and magic in its own way.  Take advantage of longer park hours,  mid-day swim breaks and theater shows as cool off stations to keep your family happy and cool!

Think you can brave the heat? Contact us today to begin planning by calling 877-825-6146 or email us at letstravel@thewdwguru.com.

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My grandson Oscar (5), son Johnathan, sister Kim and I went to Disney World for a week.  When I first had the thought to go I thought, where do I begin?  I put a shout out on FaceBook and discovered that Beth was a guru.  All I had to give her was my dates and we started from there.  She gave me options for resorts, told me about the dining plan, park hopper, fast passes and resorts to stay in.  She walked me through every step of the way.  I know that our vacation would not have been half as fun or organized if not for Beth.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I would ask a silly question, she would reply and not make me feel like it was silly.  There is so much to Disney that I know it would have been a nightmare without her.  She is always, friendly and helpful.  She never tried to sway my opinion one way or another and let me make the decisions.  I would definitely have been lost without her.  I recommend her to everyone who says they want to go to Disney World.  Thank you Beth for the vacation of a lifetime.

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