A Wait for a Kitchen Sink?

Money Saver Monday!

We believe time is money especially on a trip to Disney. On my most recent trip to Disney with some great Disney friends we decided we would try to head on over to Beach Club to try the Kitchen Sink. In case you are not familiar with the Kitchen Sink it is a monstrous ice cream sundae that features 8 scoops of ice cream along with all of the yummy toppings you could imagine on a sundae, including a full can of whip cream! We really wanted to tackle this and we were quite excited until we approached Beaches and Cream and found out that you actually have to check in and wait to be seated!  We were told it would be an hour. Because we had other places we needed to be we opted out of the Kitchen Sink for this trip.

 So before you make your way over to Beach Club with the intention of tackling a Kitchen Sink be sure you are prepared to wait. Beaches and Cream does not take reservations and the Kitchen Sink will put you back about 30.00.

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