Attraction Action – Haunted Mansion Queue

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Today I will be your host – not your ghost host – through the interactive queue portion of the Haunted Mansion attraction.  As Disney continues to find ways to enhance your experiences in the parks, you’ll see many new ideas.  In honor of the Halloween season and for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check this area out, I present some information about the interactive queue  – or the LEFT side of the line!

When approaching the Haunted Mansion, you are presented with a choice.  Guests used to just walk up and peruse the graveyard while waiting to enter the mansion.  Now you may still head to the right and enter the mansion at a quicker pace.  Guests also may choose to head left.

Once heading into the graveyard area, you’ll see a display of busts.

They were rumored to be part of a game guests could play.  I have yet to see such a game.  I pretty much assume they are there for atmosphere!  In Disney theming, there are clever epithets written below each of course!















his gravestone has been with the mansion since the beginning.  It now has a place of prominence in the graveyard.  Yale Gracey in real life was a Disney Imagineer who created many of the special effects you see within the Haunted Mansion attraction.

Once you have seen all of these interesting crypts and attractions, you may rejoin other guests at the traditional entrance to the Haunted Mansion.

When I am planning itineraries for clients, I generally tell them that for their first trip to Haunted Mansion, take the right side and get onto the ride.  When returning to enjoy this one, take the left and enjoy the neat effects Disney has generated!

Either way, once you’ve entered…there’s no turning back now!!!


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