Air quality on the island of Hawaii-Hawaii Needs Our Help

With the recent coverage with the Island of Hawaii really more focused on air quality. It is very important for you to know what accurate resources you should follow to get current information. Sometimes the news is not the way to go. Because of our partnerships we have connections on the islands giving us information for you. Here’s a wonderful list of resources you should follow, bookmark, print out to help you stay in the know.

Air quality is in part dependent on weather conditions and wind direction. You can track it on a daily basis with the following links:

Interagency Vog Information Dashboard:

Social media programs were developed to support the communities on the islands of Hawaii and Kauai. Should you travel to either island or know friends and family who are visiting, please share these programs with them:

#ExploreIslandofHawaii Social Media Program

Travel Professionals and clients are using the hashtag #ExploreIslandofHawaii to post their pictures and videos while they are there. Search the hashtag to see current footage of where you want to travel throughout Hawaii.


Hanalei is Open!!! #SupportHanalei

As you can imagine, negative news on the media hurts small towns and local business. We are here to help you find accurate info on happenings and safe places to travel. Check out this amazing video posted just days ago right from Hanalei.



So after all of this…what should you do next?

  • Don’t discontinue your travel to Hawaii. Use the resources we’ve provided to make an educated decision.
  • Follow the following hashtags for current pictures and video: #SupportHanalei #ExploreIslandofHawaii
  • READ THIS ARTICLE on Forbes…it is very insightful.
  • Spread the word and the beauty of Hawaii, they need our help!
  • Last, follow this link to see current up to the date info on weather conditions in Hawaii.

Contact us today to plan your Hawaii Vacation. Our Team knows Hawaii and we have the in-island connections to bring you the most current information. Call us today at 877-825-6146 or email us at We look forward to working with you! 


Kelly Ortiz and the Guru Travel Team