Aladdin on Broadway a Review


There have been many Disney productions on Broadway in New York that has won many, many awards over the years.  I was very sad to learn that Mary Poppins was to close; it was one of the best I had seen in years.  When rumors popped up that Disney was finally going to produce Aladdin I went from sad to super excited.

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I have seen the movie and loved it.  I have seen the Disney production of Aladdin on the Disney Cruise Line and Genie was the best!!!  So When I heard that Disney was going to bring the production to New York I couldn’t wait to see it.

I was not disappointed with the show!!  It had all the great songs that we love from the movie plus some extras that will become favorites in the future I am sure.  There are some characters that can’t be put in a live action show (Iago the parrot or Abu the monkey).  They were replaced by humans with the same time of relationship that the animals had.  Disney did pay homage to these characters with a reference or two, just to let the audience know that those characters had meaning in the story.

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While the story line remains the same, there were many campy jokes added to the dialogue; such as Jasmine complaining of her father trying to marrying her off to “… any Tom, Dick or Hassim” or Genie straying of on a tangent while singing and adding other Disney songs to the mix like the theme from Beauty and the Beast or Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

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I took my two children to see Aladdin and loved watching the joy and enjoyment that came from them.  It is a lighthearted musical that is great for all ages.  I know that Aladdin is nominated for several Tony’s and I believe they are well deserved.

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