28 Apr 2015

An Adult’s Guide to Disney Cruise Line

Cruise Series

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Recently, my husband and I cruised on the Disney Dream alone without kids. I have to admit I was wondering if there would be enough for us to do on Disney Cruise Line without the kids. I have to tell you that Disney Cruise Line is not just for families…adults can have just as much fun as well.

The only thing that you will NOT find on Disney Cruise Line that you may find on other cruise liners is a casino. Other than that everything else is there and let me tell you the way Disney does things is 10 times better than the way anyone else does it…okay so I may be slightly bias but still. :0)

Lets talk about what we did on our cruise.

Pool Deck



We absolutely LOVED the adults only pool deck area. The pool was nice and tranquil and the drinks were flowing. While we were on the ship they were offering 2 for 1 drinks for $5. I did enjoy that quite a bit. The pool had a really nice set up…there were places to submerge and places to wade if you desired. In addition, there was a hot-tub which I enjoyed quite a bit.

One place we really enjoyed was the top deck at the front of the ship. This was such a peaceful area on the ship. It was so nice to relax on a lounger and take in the sea breeze.

DCL 109

We of course took a few rides on the Aquaduck!

DCL 220


Movie Theater 

We also quite enjoyed the movie theater on the ship…Buena Vista Theater. We were able to see Lincoln. I will warn you that they do not offer food or drinks when you are there so bring your own snacks and beverages if you desire. The also had family -friendly movies playing throughout the day.  You can consult your navigator for showtimes.


DCL 378


There is no way you will ever be hungry when you cruise with Disney. From the free room service to the quick service to the elegant dining on board you are surrounded by food the entire time you cruise.  I think this is really the part that is a huge draw for me. The last thing anyone wants to do when they vacation is to think about money. Disney really does put a whole new spin on the all-inclusive aspect of cruising. Even non-alcoholic drinks are FREE on the ship…this is exclusive to Disney Cruise Line.

My husband and I ate to our hearts content…oh my! We enjoyed the casual dining at Cabana’s and then enjoyed the elegant dining of Royal Court for dinner. No matter where we were the service and the food was simply outstanding!

Senses Spa

DCL 332


We took advantage of hitting the spa one afternoon. No we did not do the full treatment..we did the Rainforest spa which was not only budget friendly but also SO relaxing. If we had been on a longer cruise, I know that we would have done it a bit longer.

DCL 341


Castaway Cay/Ports


Even though this island is centered around families, they do have an adults only beach called Serenity Bay. This is a truly amazing part of the island as it is SO peaceful. You can enjoy some alone time with your spouse and soak in the sun. Drinks do flow on this part of the beach too. When you are there…there is not a care in the world.

Fall 2013 & DCL 167


Yes, we enjoyed the peaceful nature of Serenity Bay but we also wanted to scope out the other parts of the island so we rented bikes for $6. This took us on a 5K bike ride through the jungle. It was really nice because we were the only ones on the trail. We followed the path to the lookout. It was so neat to be that far off on the island..also kind of romantic. Of course we enjoyed walking the other parts of the island as well and enjoyed the walk back to the ship.


When we docked in the Bahamas we did something we would not normally do…we shopped! With kids we could not have walked the island taking our time and bargaining with the locals. We had a blast! I almost got my hair braided but I chickened out! lol

220 221 222



We did attend the pirate night on the ship which was really fun! And we discovered that there is an after-party at Cabana’s the night of the pirate party. They had a TON of food and desserts there….guess what? They had turkey legs!!!!!  Of course even though we were not hungry..we ate! lol

The shows each night were spectacular.  We were on the Disney Dream so we watched, Wishes, Villains Tonight and the Golden Mickey’s. All three shows were so touching and heartwarming. I did ask my husband what he thought of the shows being kid-free and he said to his surprise her really enjoyed them. I did even catch him shedding a tear or two as well.

In addition, there is a nightclub district that we did not have time to hit but I did visit it when I was on the Disney Fantasy…it was a wonderful time!!! I know we would take advantage of it if we were on a longer cruise.



It was so nice to retire to our stateroom and enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. Mornings were serene as my husband slept in and I enjoyed the veranda. I was like a kid in a candy store each morning rushing to the window to pull the curtain and see where we were.  In addition, the FREE on-demand on your stateroom TV made it easy to relax by the TV and enjoy some FREE room service.



So if you are thinking about where your next couples vacation should be look no further than Disney Cruise Line. I would love to know if you have ever done a couples Disney Cruise? Tell us about it in the comments.

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