How Beverages on a Disney Cruise Help You Save Money!

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Cruise Series

Welcome back to our Disney Cruise Line educational series. We have been chatting about the value of a Disney Cruise, dining and so much more. Catch up today so you don’t miss out on our expert advice.

You read it correctly, beverages on Disney Cruise Line can help you save a ton of cash! When I say a ton, I really mean it.

Here’s the scoop…

Pop/Soda/SodaPop or whatever you call it where you are from (I call it Pop) is all you can drink, it is FREE. You will owe zip, zero zilch. You do not need to prepay, you do not need to purchase a mug. It is literally FREE! Okay, many people will say that it is included in the cost of your cruise, yes it is. But I do not like to be nickeled and dimed. The cruise industry boasts that they are all-inclusive and with the charges for refillable mugs on the major cruise liners, it’s certainly NOT all-inclusive.

Another thing I love is that you do not need to carry around a refillable mug. Disney has disposable cups for you at each drink station. You can get your choice of coffee, tea, pop, water. And if you want to bring your own refillable mug from home, go for it! They allow it.

*Tip-if you are doing a land and sea package, bring your Disney Dining Plan refillable mug with you and use it on the ship. :0)

Disney Cruise Line offers the free beverages as an industry exclusive. You can also get free non-alcoholic beverages in all of the dining rooms.

Drink of the Day

When you vacation it is no secret that many people want their feet by the pool, the music on and an umbrella drink in hand. The problem is, it can be quite taxing at the end of your vacation when you see the cost of all of the room charges from the pool bar. Disney has a solution and it is called, “Drink of the Day.” Each day cruisers can pick from an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink feature. The cost is just $4.25 plus tax which makes them right around $5. Not too bad!

*Drink of the day specials are listed in your personal navigator or you can simply ask.

DCL 226

Drinks Specials

It’s always happy hour on Disney Cruise Line! While you are lounging by the pool servers will come around to take your drink order..they should offer you a 2 for 1 special. I was able to get two Mai Tai for $5.50. With this special you have to be flexible as it is offered for a specific drink only.

This same special is available on Castaway Cay but not until later in the afternoon. Often times this one is good for any drink you would like. I recommend the Pina Colada.

Fall 2013 & DCL 167


While Disney Cruise Line does include coffee for free, I am a coffee snob. I like a higher quality coffee. There are two coffee shops I love, Cove Cafe (all 4 ships) and Vista Cafe (Disney Dream and Fantasy). While the coffee is not free at either location, the pastries are but we will chat about that another time.

I would pay for the coffee no matter what but it does help that they offer a punch card system. For every 5 drinks you purchase, you can get the 6th free. The best part is, you can use the punch card on your next cruise if you don’t finish it on the current sailing. I love this!

cove cafe punch card



If you love your beer do not fret, there is a deal for you too. The beer mug is an excellent way to get what you want and save a bit too.

It is $16.95 and you will get a 22oz glass mug to use and keep. For the rest of your cruise you can refill the mug for the 16oz price. The mug is heavy so Disney will offer you a beer mug token to keep after you are done for the day. Next time you want a beer walk up and turn in your token for a new mug and beer. At the end of your cruise, you can turn in your token for a new and clean mug to take home.


It is no secret that Disney Cruise Line allows you to bring your own beverages but of course, there are a few rules.

Bringing liquor onboard at embarkation: It’s allowed for consumption in staterooms. Passengers (21 years of age and older) may bring onboard one unopened bottle of wine or Champagne or six bottles or cans of beer per person. The alcohol must be hand-carried in a day bag and/or carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage dimensions cannot exceed 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep. Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to remove fragile items (including beverages) from checked luggage, and the items will be stored to return to the passenger at the end of the voyage.

Bringing wine or Champagne onboard: A $20 corkage fee per bottle is charged for consumption in the main dining rooms, Palo or Remy. Passengers may not bring their personal beverages into any other venue, including public decks.

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